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9 Best Brain FM Alternatives In 2022

brain fm alternatives

This post will explain brain fm alternatives. Besides many other things, there is this one thing that I have a problem with and am not very good at – focus. As a result, I tend to get sidetracked and my productivity suffers terribly. If you can relate, don’t worry, you’re not alone. In fact, if you are someone juggling creative pursuits or just a busy lifestyle, you need to find ways to stay focused and on task. As Cal Newport has rightly quoted in his book “Deep Work”:

“The ability to perform serious work is evolving increasingly rare at precisely the same time it is becoming increasingly helpful in our economy. As a result, the few who develop this skill, and then make it the core of their operating life, will thrive.”

9 Best Brain FM Alternatives In 2022

In this article, you can know about brain fm alternatives here are the details below;

The promising news is that there are tools to help you engage in deep work. And if you’re reading this, chances are you already know about one such app known as

But backed with some good reason, you decided to search for its alternatives, and that’s exactly what you’ll find in this article – the 9 top alternatives.

1. Headspace


Headspace is a popular meditation app that has been designed to help users gain a sense of calm & focus.

The app offers a wide range of guided meditation exercises, as well as a variety of tools and resources to allow users get the most out of their practice.

Headspace is an ideal option for those looking for an option to not only because it is easy to use and effective, but also because it has a big gathering of users who can offer support and advice.

Be it dealing with everyday stress, and anxiety, or improving focus and concentration, Headspace has sessions for everything you may be looking for. This is another Brain FM Alternatives.

They also do an epic job of writing articles and blog posts (with embedded audio and video versions) on their website, which makes for excellent further reading if you’re interested in knowing better about meditation and its benefits. Also check PRTG Alternatives

Notable Features

Self-care gamified

Guided and unguided meditation exercises

vast category of topics

User-friendly interface

Supportive community


Headspace offers a 14-day free trial and then their premium plan starts at around $1.54/month.

2. Focus@Will


This app is designed to help you achieve peak productivity by optimizing your brain waves.

It’s like a personal trainer for your brain, helping you to achieve laser-like focus and stay in the zone for longer periods.

Whether you’re working on a complex project or just trying to get through your email inbox, focus@will can help you to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Some of the focus sounds focus@will specializes in include:



The Drop



And a lot more!

The best part?

All these soundtracks are created by verified music producers after careful research was done by top-class neuroscientists.

focus@will works on all devices including iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows, and even has a web player.

So if your co-worker or a crazy neighbor is blasting music from their speakers, and it’s distracting you, you have now got a good reason to put on your headphones and get into the zone.

Notable Features

Scientifically backed

Personalized for optimal focus

Over 1000 hours of unique sound content

Over 12 distinct sound categories

Listen to music from any device


focus@will offers a week’s free trial, and then you can choose to try their monthly premium plan that costs $7.49/month.

3. Noisli


Noisli is an amazing app that lets you create your soundtrack to boost productivity and focus.

The app features a wide range of sounds, from white noise to nature sounds, that you can mix & match to make the perfect environment for concentration.

Mix and matching sounds in Noisli

Whether you’re looking for some motivation, sleep, studying, or just want to block some noise out, Noisli has you covered.

The ultra-high flexibility to mix and match over 28 awesome sounds with the adjustment of volume in your total control is what makes Noisli stand out.

And if by god’s grace, you create some combo that is better than what they have to offer, you can mark it a favorite to keep playing it in the future with a single click.

Their Oscillation feature is also very powerful, it creates a sense of movement and makes the sound more pleasant to the ear.

What’s more, Noisli also has a built-in Pomodoro timer and to-do list feature to make it an all-in-one productivity boost tool. This is another Brain FM Alternatives.

And lastly, if you are a writer, you will also be glad to know that Noisli has a “distraction-free text editor” which makes the interface very minimal, so you can focus on your writing.

Noisli is available as a Google Chrome extension, for iOS, and Android.

Notable Features

28+ high-quality sounds

Smart sound mixing

Oscillation and sound shuffling

Pomodoro timer

Text editor


Noisli has a completely free plan with 16/28 sounds enabled. Their Pro plan (for individuals) costs $12/month and the Business plan (for team members) costs $28/month.

4. MyNoise


myNoise is an online noise generator that can be used to help block out distractions and improve focus.

The site features a combination of different sounds, from white noise to more specific ones like rain or ocean waves. Users can mix and match different sounds to create their perfect environment, and they can also adjust the volume and pitch to find the perfect level for them.

myNoise also has a timer function, so users can set it for a certain amount of time and then have it automatically turn off.

myNoise also comes with 20 FREE SOUNDS, including White Noise, Rain Noise, Ocean Noise, Binaural Beats, Spring Walk, Temple Bells, and more.

They also offer calibrated noise generators that cover the entire audible frequency range, from 20 Hz to 20 kHz, over 10 color-coded options.

With its 10 color-coded sliders, myNoise introduces the concept of frequency-shaped noises, focusing on the frequencies one wants to effectively block.

With the power to customize the focus music to the fullest, you can now let the healing sounds work for you rather than the other way around.

Notable Features

Variety of different sound options

Reliable sound therapy in your pockets

Adjust volume and pitch

20 free sounds included

Multiple use cases


myNoise is a free application with some optional in-app purchases.

5. A Soft Murmur

A Soft Murmur

A Soft Murmur is a free and easy-to-use ambient sounds app that offers a variety of different sounds to help you focus, relax, or fall asleep. This is another Brain FM Alternatives. Also check playstation vue alternatives

There are both natural and artificial sounds available, and you can mix them to create your perfect soundscape.

One of their cool features is Meander. This smartly-coded function, when enabled, allows you to automatically increase or decrease the pitch and tone of different sounds.

It’s like having your sound engineer, and it’s a wonderful way to keep yourself from getting bored with the same old sounds.

You can also create your mixes or let AI create random mixes for you that you can save and come back to.

Notable Features

A wide variety of sounds, both natural & artificial

Meander function for automated pitch and tone changes

Create your own mixes with AI

Share your sounds with others, easily


A Soft Murmur is free to use, with a premium in-app purchase of just $1.99 that unlocks all the default sounds.

6. Ambie.Fm

Ambie.Fm offers a wide variety of calm and relaxing sounds that you can listen to, from the sound of rain falling to the sound of waves crashing on the shore. This is another Brain FM Alternatives.

There are also tons of different nature sounds to choose from, as well as white noise options and even some calming music selections.

You can create a custom playlist of your favorite sounds, or simply let the site play through a random selection.

And if you ever need a break from the relaxing ambiance, there’s an option to switch to a variety of different radio stations.

According to them, their music helps grow your business and businesses specifically under these industries:

Hotels & restaurants

Bars & Pubs

Co-working spaces


So if you run a business that could use some support from some good background music, may be a good option for you.

They provide Ambie’s plug-and-play device to set up the ambiance in your space and play and manage music effortlessly (like offline playing).

Notable Features

A wide variety of sounds to choose from

The ability to create custom playlists

Option to switch to different radio stations

Helps businesses grow through background music

Ambie’s plug-and-play device for easy setup and management


Ambie has two types of pricing:

A small setup fee

And a subscription that is based on how many sites you have.

You only need to pay once for the subscription, and it includes everything. You can choose to pay monthly or annually. You get to book a demo before doing anything else.

7. Loffee


Loffee is a lo-fi music app exclusively for android users, it’s available on Google Play.

It has a beautiful and elegant user interface and offers a variety of different music options to suit your needs.

Loffee is also dedicated to promoting and recognizing talent from all over the world, making it a great choice for music lovers. This is another Brain FM Alternatives.

The moment you install and open the app, you will be able to see a simple screen with a play button and a list of available tracks.

You can either hit the play button to start attending to the default playlist or you can choose from the other available options.

You also get the timer option to stop the music whenever you want it to.

Notable Features

Offers different music options

Dedicated to promoting talent

Simple and easy to use

Stop timer


Loffee is a completely free-to-use app.

8. Coffitivity


Coffitivity is a website that plays the sound of a coffee shop, to help people focus while they work.

The idea is that the background noise of a busy café can help to boost productivity and creativity.

Upon researching, they have proved one thing – if you want to be highly productive while working, you need at least some specific disturbances around you. The right level of background noise can help to keep you focused and alert, while also providing a sense of comfort. This is another Brain FM Alternatives.

Coffitivity offers a range of different sounds, from the gentle murmur of a small café to the bustle of a busy train station.

Users can also customize the volume and duration of the sound, to find the perfect level of distraction for their needs.

Whether you’re working on a project at home or trying to concentrate in an open-plan office, Coffitivity can help you to get in the zone and get something done.

Notable Features

A variety of different sounds to choose from

Customizable volume and duration

Helps you to focus and be productive

Use without login


Coffitivity is free to use but they do have a premium plan that costs $9/year.

9. Curated Spotify Playlists

Curated Spotify Playlists

If you’re a fan of Spotify, there’s a good chance you can find a playlist that suits your needs without having to sign up for another service. This is another Brain FM Alternatives.

There are tons of great focus-boosting Spotify playlists out there, many of which are made by the app itself.

Here are a few of the focus music playlists that we find amazing:

Chill Beats

Lofi hip hop music

Anime Lofi Playlist

Healing Sounds

Spotify also has playlists for studying, working out, and relaxing. So if you’re looking for music to help you sleep, there’s a good chance you’ll find what you’re looking for on the platform.

It’s just that only if people start using Spotify for work purposes, they will get ads in between songs, which can be a bit of a distraction.

But if you upgrade to premium, you can get rid of ads and also enjoy some other great features like offline listening.

Notable Features

Tons of great focus-boosting Spotify playlists

Can also find playlists for studying, working out, and relaxing

Great sound quality

More options that almost any other platform


Spotify is free to use, but with ads. If you choose to get rid of their ads, try the individual premium plan that costs around $1.47/month.

Final Wave

We all know how important focus is.

It can be the difference between getting things done and not being able to get anything done, to say the least.

There are a bunch of things that can help you to focus, but listening to the right kind of music is one of the best. The right music can help to block out distractions, increase productivity, and boost your mood.

Hopefully, this article has helped you to find the perfect alternative for your needs.

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