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Best Ways For Chrome Extensions On Android Device

Chrome Extensions on Android

Is it possible to install Chrome extensions on Android device? This is a frequently asked question. Given that Google invented both Chrome and Android, you’d think you’d be able to use Chrome to its full extent. Chrome extensions are not compatible with the Chrome browser on Android devices.

Google Chrome’s desktop version allows Chrome extensions on Android that enhance productivity and the web browsing experience. Users of Google Chrome on Android, however, do not receive the same treatment. This is due to the fact that Google’s mobile browser does not allow users to add Chrome extensions on Android. However, there are a few workarounds.

Using a third-party Chromium-based browser, such as Kiwi Browser or Yandex, is a simple solution. This post will show you how to use Kiwi Browser to install Chrome extensions on Android. Sure, Chrome extensions on Android includes a “Desktop” option, but it merely alters the website you’re seeing and doesn’t behave like the standard Chrome browser on a computer, with all of its add-ons and capabilities.

How can you use your favourite Chrome extensions on Android on your mobile device now that you have that information? The simple solution is to switch to another browser, and there are plenty of them that work Chrome extensions on Android.

How to Use Chrome Extensions on Android

Chrome, like a lot of its competitors, leverages the open-source Chromium platform for its browsers. Using a Chrome extensions on Android browser that allows extensions is the simplest approach to get around Chrome’s limitations while still maintaining regular functionality. As previously said, you will need to use a different browser on your mobile phone to install the Chrome extensions on Android. There are a variety of options to explore, including those listed below.

Chrome Extensions on Android

Yandex Browser

Yandex is a Russian company that built this free browser. They use Blink, an online search engine and browser based on the open-source Chromium project. This web browser, in essence, permits the installation of Chrome extensions on Android. What else can you expect from a browser created in Russia?

It double-checks the web page’s security and launches Kaspersky to see if there are any viruses related to the page you’re looking for. If poor connections are preventing you from swiftly searching for information, you’ll be pleased to learn that Yandex uses Opera browser technology to speed up your browsing.

On your mobile device, go to the Play Store and search for Yandex Browser. After you’ve downloaded the application, you’ll need to install it. Go ahead and search for the extensions you wish to download after you’ve completed installing the new browser on your phone. To find all of them, go to the Chrome webstore.

  • Select “Add to Chrome” when you find an extension you like.
  • Yandex will download the file and install it in the browser right away.
  • Go to Yandex’s settings to see if the extension was installed properly.

Here you’ll find a list of extensions.

  • Your extension is now available for use in the Android web browser whenever you want.
  • Some users have expressed dissatisfaction with Yandex because much of the content is in Russian.
  • If you don’t like this browser, we have a list of alternatives in the following section.

Chrome Extensions are supported by other Android browsers. A number of Android browsers support add-ons and extensions, so here are a few to test.

Chrome Extensions on Android Browsers

Several Android browsers work with add-ons/Chrome extensions on Android, so here are some you can try.

Firefox Android Browser

Firefox is well-known, and rightfully so. It’s always been a close rival to Chrome because it’s just as fast, more secure, and concerned about your privacy. It may not have the backing of the internet behemoth, but that hasn’t stopped it from succeeding. Firefox for Android supports Mozilla’s proprietary add-ons, so it provides a comparable experience to Firefox on Windows. Most Chrome extensions have a Firefox counterpart, so if you have a preferred arrangement on your laptop or desktop, you can almost exactly replicate it on your phone.

Kiwi Browser

Another Chromium-based browser that accepts Chrome extensions on Android is the Kiwi Browser. Kiwi has built-in ad-blocking and is extremely fast. It’s a small file that instals quickly and starts up rapidly. The browser is ideal for everyday usage and blocks the majority of advertisements by default. Select the three-dot menu icon, then Extensions. You’ll see a link to the Kiwi Web Store, which is really another name for the Google Play Store, once the app has loaded. From there, choose your extension, and you’re ready to go.

Dolphin Browser

Dolphin Browser is another excellent Android browser that allows add-ons. While recent updates haven’t brought it as far as it should have, it’s still a good Android alternative with the extensions you want. Dolphin Browser also has an ad blocker and supports Flash, at least for the time being, because Flash is no longer supported and HTML5 has taken its place.

Regardless, if you have any vintage Flash games, Dolphin will be able to play them. Dolphin is fast and blocks most advertising by default, with only a few sliding through, and it functions exactly as you’d expect. The Dolphin browser is definitely worth a look.

Best Chrome Extensions for Android to Watch Out For:

When we use our Chrome browser on our laptops or PCs, most of us use Chrome extensions on Android, but getting them to work on our Android phones can be difficult. It is, however, still possible if you follow any of the above steps when using a different browser. After you’ve successfully installed the browser, check for the best Chrome extensions to download, such as the ones listed below.

Save to Pocket

The Save to Pocket addon can be used to save webpages or links that you want to revisit later. This add-on allows you to save the URL of a website that you’re interested in so that you can access it later on any device. It also allows you to add tags and other people’s recommendations to the link. You may either download it for free or upgrade your account to Premium to receive access to all its features.


Bitmoji is another Chrome plugin that you can try in your downloaded mobile browser. As the name implies, this software is similar to the emojis we use on a daily basis, with the distinction that you will be the one to design your own character. After that, you can use your own Bitmoji on social networking sites, email, and other sites. You may also use your emoji to construct messages, which adds to the excitement.

Hangouts by Google

Hangouts are a useful addition to have because they allow you to make calls, send instant messages, and even speak with your friends in a group chat. You can even make video calls to up to ten people for free. This useful add-on allows you to chat with your contacts even if they are not online. This Chrome extensions on Android is worth installing on your mobile device if you want to easily contact your family and friends.


Installing the Grammarly plugin on your web browser will benefit you whether you dislike writing or simply want to improve your writing skills.It’s as if you had your own personal writing coach who corrects your phrases as you type. This is a useful app to have on your phone, especially if you’re composing a post for your social media account or an email to send to your boss or team. This add-on gives you tips on how to make your article, essay, or other writing project more obvious.


Have you ever come across a quote that you just can’t stop thinking about and want to share on social media? Yes, there are a plethora of these downloadable quotations available on the internet, but they may not have the aesthetic you desire. Pablo is an add-on extension that allows you to enhance the visual impact of a quote you want to share. All you have to do now is paste the words on the screen and hunt for a photo to use as a background. You can also incorporate other aspects into the phrase to achieve the exact effect.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the best place to purchase Chrome extensions on Android?

The Chrome Web Store is usually where you can acquire extensions for Chrome. The Chrome browser for mobile, on the other hand, does not have any. You can’t even use the search tool to look for your favourite Chrome extensions on Android. This is why you must utilise alternate browsers in this situation. Some browsers don’t have extensions per se, but they do have a lot of the capabilities you’d expect from one. Others, on the other hand, include add-ons to varying degrees.

What are Chrome Extensions and what do they do?

Chrome extensions on Android work in a similar way to apps on your phone. Many solutions are available, from saving money with the Honey plugin to correcting your grammar with Grammarly. If you’re not sure what you’re searching for, start with the Chrome Web Store’s home page, which includes some of the most popular alternatives.

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