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10 Best Wayback Machine (Internet Archive) Alternatives

Wayback Machine Alternatives

If you’re a digital marketer or have a website, the Wayback Machine could come in handy. The Wayback Machine is a World Wide Web digital archive. The Internet Archive, a non-profit organisation, founded the Wayback Machine.

The website allows you to “go back in time” to observe how websites appeared in the past. The WayBack Machine could be useful in a variety of ways. You can, for example, load the previous version of the site to compare templates, extract content, and so on.

The webpage is mostly used to access the website’s deleted data. The Wayback Machine, on the other hand, has few flaws. The Wayback Machine is a tad slow when compared to other internet archives.

Users look for Wayback Machine alternatives for a variety of reasons. Here are some of the best Wayback Machine alternatives.

10 Best Wayback Machine Alternatives

Wayback Machine alternatives are now available. There are many internet archives available, but only a few have made the list of the greatest. You can use these internet archive Wayback Machine alternatives if archive.org ever goes down.


ITools are not the same as the other Wayback Machine alternatives. It contains all of a website’s information. It provides information about a website’s popularity as well as traffic analysis. This website provides access to the “Alexa” database. The competitors of the targeted website are also displayed by iTools. If you’re looking for a Wayback Machine alternative that gives more than simply screenshots, ITools might be the ideal choice for you. ITools contains more functionality than the Wayback Machine. The site is well-known for its advanced website scanning, for example. It searches and displays a variety of useful website information, such as Alexa Rank, Contact Information, Popularity, and so on.


Perma is a website that assists academics, journals, courts, and others in keeping track of the web sources they use. The site is simple to use and is supported by libraries. However, it is a subscription-based service that requires you to choose a plan in order to view various website data. Perma also has social media archiving features, which is a plus. This app is included in list of the best Wayback Machine alternatives.


Its name implies that it is a service that takes automated screenshots. Stillio aids in the creation of daily screenshots of web pages. You should give Stillio a try if you’re looking for an internet service to help you improve your website. The site displays the coding structure as well as screenshots of a certain website. Stillio also displays additional relevant data, such as SEO guidelines, technical concerns, traffic figures, and so on. Website archiving, trend tracking, website compliance, competition tracking, and SEO tracking are some of the features it offers. It’s as simple as archiving, then capturing and sharing screenshots. However, it is similar to PageFreezer, a limited-edition alternative to the Wayback Machine.


PageFreezer makes use of Google-like crawling technology. The screenshots are taken using a completely automated technique. PageFreezer’s features enable you to expand your business. Legal evidence, live surfing, digital signatures, data export, and web page comparison are all major elements of PageFreezer. You can also see your competitors in addition to this information. PageFreezer is a premium service that automates the process of capturing screenshots if you don’t mind paying for it. The premium service is primarily used to record online chatter. Data export, webpage comparison, digital signature, and live browsing are just a few of PageFreezer’s key features.


DomainTools is a web-based WHOIS service that allows users to look up detailed information about a website. It also gives website hosting history and IP address details. DomainTools is on the list because it provides a free screenshot-based internet archiving service. If you’re looking for a website that can retrieve the history of any website, you should check out DomainTools. This site not only displays a website’s snapshot history, but it also provides extra information such as the domain registration date, domain expiry date, contact information, and so on.

Archive. is

It is, after all, one of the best internet archives available. The Archive stores “snapshots” of every web page that the website has previously featured, similar to the Wayback Machine. Despite its age, many enjoy using the site due to its simplicity. You can also save the screenshots to your computer for further use. One of the better Wayback Machine alternatives is Archive.is. It is regarded as a web page time capsule. It saves “snapshots” of web pages even if the website is no longer available. However, active components and scripts are not present in saved and archived web pages. Despite the fact that it is an outdated alternative, people still like to use it because it is user-friendly and simple to navigate.


TimeTravel, as the name implies, is a website that allows you to journey back in time to see how the website looked at a specific point in time. What’s more, TimeTravel also allows you to add temporal details. This app is included in list of the best Wayback Machine alternatives. It’s a search engine that uses the databases of other internet archive websites to help users find answers to their questions. Several sites, including the Internet Archive Waybackmachine, Archive-It, British Library, archive.today, GitHub, and others, have billions of online pages stored dating back to 1996.


So, who are we talking about? IS differs from the others mentioned in the article in a few ways. Users frequently use this site to obtain basic information about any website, such as its launch date, expiration date, IP address, server location, and so on. It does not show you the history of website screenshots, but it does show you other crucial facts that may be useful at times. This app is included in list of the best Wayback Machine alternatives.


Despite its lack of popularity, Archive.org is still one of the greatest Wayback Machine alternatives available today. It’s an online application that aids in the creation of a webpage. Even if the original link is no longer available, once the snapshot is taken, it will always be available on the archive. This app is included in list of the best Wayback Machine alternatives.


This one bills itself as a web-based social command line. YubNub is another excellent Wayback Machine alternative worth considering. It uses commands to carry out tasks. YubNub allows you to search the web, locate photographs, check screenshots of websites, find blogs, news, and WHOIS information, among other things.

These are the best Wayback Machine Alternatives we found, and they’re all completely safe and functional. You can select one of these online archive alternatives that best meets your needs. If you come across any more sites that are better than the ones listed above and are working well, please let us know in the comments area below.


So there you have it: the 10 best Wayback Machine alternatives available right now. I hope you find this material useful. Please pass it on to your friends as well.

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