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Latest 10 Best Tasker Profiles For Android In 2021

Tasker Profiles are tasks that are automated on your Android phone using the tasker app. To be more specific, best tasker profiles is an app that allows you to automate your smartphones to automatically perform particular tasks when a set of circumstances is satisfied. The jobs we assign to the smartphones are concerned with as best tasker profiles.

Best tasker profiles may be anything from automatically turning on power-saving mode when the battery is low to keep the screen on when reading on the phone. Other helpful best tasker profiles include reading SMS or text messages loudly while driving without having to touch the phone, turning on wi-fi automatically while at home, telling the weather in the morning, and so on.

The idea is if all of these tasks can be done automatically on your phone, why should we force ourselves to perform them manually? Smartphones are designed to make our daily tasks easier. There’s no use in making our lives tacky when there are apps like best tasker profiles that can automate our phones for only a few bucks.

In this article, we’ll go through some fantastic best tasker profiles that the tasker app can create.

10 Best Tasker Profiles for 2021

After you’ve purchased the best tasker profiles app from the Google Play Store, you’ll need to choose and set up the best tasker profiles for you. Along with the tasker profiles 2021, we’ve included instructions on setting them up so that even strangers can get the most out of the program. Because though using the best tasker profiles app may appear cumbersome at first, as you get used to it, using smartphones will become a lot more enjoyable!

Keep The Screen On While Reading Any e-Book

When reading an ebook on a mobile device, we always keep the screen illuminated and turned on. If you’re a voracious reader, you’ll appreciate the agony of having your screen display switch off on its own. A solution to this problem, like many other best tasker profiles, is also accessible on the tasker.

  • First, establish a new profile, then go to Applications by pressing the “+” icon.
  • Next, choose all of the reading apps for which you want your phone’s screen to be turned on when they’re launched.
  • Simply create a new task and click the “+” symbol at the bottom after the apps have been selected.
  • Select Display and then Display time-out from all of the available options.

Simply select the display timeout period to the length of time you want your phone’s display to stay on when certain reading apps are active.

Turn On Battery Saving Mode When You Have Low Battery

Automating your smartphone to turn on battery-saving mode when the battery is low is a fantastic feature that will keep you from running out of juice. The best part is that the best tasker profiles make this customization very simple. The steps to do so are listed below.

  • Open the Tasker app, click Profile, then State, Power, and Battery Level.
  • Now choose the battery level at which you want your phone to go into power-saving mode automatically, such as 0-5, 0-20, and so on.
  • When you’re finished, make a new task> Set auto-sync off> mobile data off> Wi-Fi off. Press “+” icon> Net> switch off Bluetooth > Set auto-sync off> mobile data off> Wi-Fi off.

That’s all there is to it. Your action will be activated if you follow these steps.

Lock your Applications

It’s not a novel concept to lock down an app and create a password for it. And there are a number of security apps available on Google Play that allow us to do so. But why would we want to add any more apps on our phones when Tasker already exists?
Yes, you read that correctly. With a few simple clicks, the best tasker profiles app allows you to lock your private apps with a password. Here’s how to go about it.

  • Open the Tasker app and go to Profiles to lock the apps.
  • Now press the plus (+) symbol to create a new Profile and choose Applications from the top categories.
  • Now choose the app you wish to protect with a password.
  • Create a new task and name it whatever you want after you’re done.
  • Go to Display after pressing the Plus icon.
  • Select the Lock option from the Select Display Action menu.
  • Then it’s up to you to type in your preferred password.

You may simply return to Tasker and delete this task if you wish to remove the password from the app.

Reading Out the SMS Loud While Driving

However, it is an intriguing feature. There’s no reason to be concerned if you’re driving and can’t read the SMS you just received on your phone. Without you needing to do anything, best tasker profiles will have your phone read out the SMS to you.

  • Go to Event> ‘Phone’ section> Received SMS to start this job.
  • Now pick Home or Car from the Applications menu.
  • Click the Plus symbol to start a new assignment.
  • Now go to Misc > Say > and type in the following text: “percent SMSRF sent the following SMS: percent SMSRB” and you’re through with the customization.

Alert When Friends Try to Open Your Personal Stuff or App

I don’t think there’s any need to explain how this function can save your life; after all, we’re all concerned about our privacy.

  • Create a New Profile> Select Application by clicking on the “+” symbol.
  • Make a list of all the apps you wish to keep safe from prying eyes.
  • Create a new task and assign it to our previous action of heading home.
  • Select Beep from the Alert menu.

Turn On Auto-Rotate When You Open Some Apps

We always like to have the screen rotation enabled whether watching a movie on an MX player or a Youtube video. When messaging, on the other hand, we like to turn off the auto rotation. It was difficult to complete a task without the best tasker profiles.
Here’s how to program your phone to switch on auto rotation for certain apps.

  • Create a new task, then go to Application by tapping on the “+” symbol at the bottom.
  • Now you must choose the app for which you want the autorotation to be enabled while it is open.
  • Create a new task and select Display this time from the “+” menu.
  • Turn on the Display Autorotate option.

Play the Music as soon as the Headphones Are Plugged in

When you connect headphones to your phone, you must manually play the music before you can listen to it. But, isn’t it true that if you set your phone to automatically play music when you plug in your headphones, your life would be a lot easier? And believe me when I say that customizing is a lot easy than you would imagine! The steps are as follows.

  • Create a new profile> Then go to State> Hardware> and pick Plugged Headset.
  • Now create a new task by pressing the Plus icon, selecting App, and then launching the app.
  • Now all you have to do is choose which music player app you want to launch automatically whenever you connect your headphones to your phone, and you’re done!

Send an Emergency Text

This is one of the most useful best tasker profiles available on Tasker. When your phone’s battery runs out and you need to send an urgent SMS to someone, the tasker can help. All you have to do is set the tasker app to send SMS even when the battery is low, and it will work flawlessly. The steps to do so are outlined below.

  • Create a new profile as the first step. After that, simply go to State and select the Power option.
  • Now set the battery level between 0-5 percent.
  • Once you are done, just create a new task and tap the “+” icon located at the bottom.
  • The next path you need to follow is Phone> Send SMS.
  • Afterward, you just need to enter your phone number, type in the message, and sent it to the recipient.

Lock Phone by Shaking

Shaking the phone to lock it may be a useful feature at times. If you want to automate your phone to lock merely by shaking it, follow the instructions below.

  • Create a new profile, then go to Events> Sensor, then Shake.
  • Select your sensitivity, axis, and duration choices now.
  • When you’re finished, just add a new task and touch the “+” symbol as usual.
  • Select System Lock from the Display menu. That’s all there is to it!

Alert When Battery is Fully Charged

For those like myself, it’s one of the most beneficial best tasker profiles. If you have a tendency of forgetting to disconnect your phone while it is charging, then this Tasker profile will come in useful. Overcharging a battery is a bad idea. It may shorten the life of your battery. Furthermore, an overcharged battery might explode and cause a major calamity. Here’s how to set your Android phone to automatically sound an alarm when it’s completely charged.

  • To begin, open the best tasker profiles app and select the Profile tab.
  • Go to Event by clicking the plus (+) symbol.
  • You must choose the Power from all of the Event Categories. Then pick the Battery Full option.
  • Return to the previous screen and click the + symbol next to New Task to create a new task. You may call the task whatever you like.
  • Select Alert by pressing the (+) button once again.
  • Select Action Alert Notify Sound on the following page.
  • You may now customize the Action to your liking.

You may name the tasks, choose the sound file, and define the priority, among other things.

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