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20 Best Soul Anime Alternatives: Soul Anime Not Working?

Our today’s article is Soul Anime Alternatives for Online Anime Streaming in 2021. Anime is gaining popularity among people worldwide at the moment. Anime is a term that refers to both hand-drawn cartoons and computer animation in Japan.

It is expressed in a variety of countries and languages. One such website is Soul-Anime, which allows users to watch anime online for free. Additionally, users can watch anime in high definition on this website and even download it if they so desire.

Additionally, it features an intuitive interface that enables users to get started quickly. The menu page of SoulAnime enables users to browse through anime lists, movies, completed anime, and random anime.

When you first visit the site, the front screen displays the most recently released series. Additionally, Soul Anime is regarded as a community for anime fans to communicate with one another.

Overview of Soul Anime


Soul Anime features an extensive collection of recent anime series and episodes. Due to the fact that it is expressed in multiple countries and languages, the majority of its series are dubbed and subtitled. This enables users to watch anime in the language of their choice. Soul Anime is popular among anime fans due to the site’s high-quality anime content.

The majority of the site’s streaming content is in 1080p, which contributes to its popularity among anime fans. Additionally, soul Anime features a diverse selection of anime, serving as a one-stop shop for all content. Additionally, check out the Soul Anime App (Soul Anime APK here).

Soul Anime Not Working? 20 Best Soul Anime Alternatives

To begin with, you may every so often become unable to connect to the Soul Anime website for a variety of reasons. To assist you in overcoming this obstacle, here are just a couple Soul Anime alternatives that will enable you to watch anime in full HD quality online.


Soul Anime

MasterAni is a website comparable to Soul Anime. To gain unlimited access to only the highest-quality anime, simply create an account on the site. The platform features an intuitive user interface. The homepage is free of intrusive advertisements, which contributes to the site’s popularity among anime fans. The site is divided into sections, which makes navigation simple for users.


Soul Anime

KissAnime, on the other hand, is the best website for watching anime online for free. It provides instant access to premium anime streaming. Additionally, you can watch the most recent anime and anime series online in high definition. It features anime in both subbed and dubbed English. Additionally, it features a mobile-friendly interface, but one disadvantage is that there are too many pop-up advertisements.


Soul Anime

KissCartoon is a website that allows users to watch free cartoons and anime series. The site is popular among anime fans because it constantly updates and categorizes the series for users.

Well, Simply register as a member on the site if you want to be notified whenever a new cartoon or anime is uploaded. This offers users the best possible experience when streaming anime online. The site is designed in such a way that ads cover both sides of the homepage. There are also pop-up ads when you click on a new video.


AnimeDao is a viable alternative to Soul Anime in terms of resources and user experience. AnimeDao includes a mode switcher that enables you to toggle between dark and light modes. To view content, change the mode to the desired one.  This website’s video player page contains some advertisements.

While watching anime, you may come across random pop-up windows. However, they are less intrusive. Notably, AnimeDao includes an ad-blocker. You must disable your ad blocker before you can watch anime on it. Prepare for it, and AnimeDao is a good bet.


Soul Anime

Chia-Anime is well-known for providing high-quality video streaming to its users. The website hosts a plethora of anime series. Numerous pop-ups and display advertisements appear on the site’s home page. Advertisements in the pop-up and display formats open in a new browser tab. The site’s database is updated on a regular basis by its developers, which improves the site’s performance and appeal to users. The site receives about 7 million monthly visitors, the majority of whom are from the United States and the Philippines.


Soul Anime

CartoonsOn is an alternative to Soul Anime. Users can watch free episodes of popular cartoons and anime series. However, due to the limited amount of content available, this site is not very popular among anime fans. As a result, only popular animated films and television series are available for viewing. Additionally, the site’s database is not particularly large. Another disadvantage of the site is that the homepage contains an excessive number of advertisements. As a result of all of these disadvantages, the site receives little traffic.


Soul Anime

The AnimeUltima page is divided into multiple sections. Each section is devoted to a particular category, such as the most recent episodes, the year’s most popular shows, all-time favourites, and newly added anime. Additionally, the homepage of the website is ad-free. Additionally, there is a search bar that allows you to look for specific content to watch. The site receives approximately 3 million monthly visitors, the majority of whom are from the United States of America, Brazil, and the United Kingdom.


Soul Anime

AnimeShow offers a massive catalogue of anime series and films to its users. On the site’s homepage, a search bar allows you to watch the content you’re looking for. The disadvantage of this site is that it contains an excessive number of pop-up and display advertisements, which are obnoxious to users. Each month, the site receives approximately one million visitors. The site receives the majority of its visitors from the United States and the United Kingdom.


Soul Anime

AnimeTV, like Soul Anime, is an incredible site where you can watch all of the latest anime. The videos are available in both subbed and dubbed formats. As a result, you can look at the videos in the language of your choice. In the sidebars on both sides of the homepage, pop-up and display advertisements abound.

The centre houses all of the most recent anime series. You can sign up quickly and easily using your Facebook or Twitter account. The site receives 6.8 million monthly visitors, the majority of whom are from the United States and the United Kingdom.


Soul Anime

AnimeFLV is a popular Soul Anime substitute. It is largely viewed as the forefather of websites dedicated to providing anime content. The website’s disadvantage, however, is that it only offers anime series and films in Spanish, not English. The site features an intuitive user interface and is highly optimized for speed. For instance, users can watch videos uninterrupted by buffering.

Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network is a popular anime-related website. This website has an advantage over competitors due to the fact that it is already popular with its users. Additionally, this website features an extensive collection of cartoons. This website is unique in that it features web-based children’s games. The website is of excellent quality and features an extremely user-friendly platform. On this website, there will be no lag or playback errors. This website receives approximately one million monthly visitors.



GoGoAnime is a massive anime database that includes both classic and contemporary series and films. It includes subbed and dubbed Japanese anime, as well as numerous popular Chinese Donghua. Numerous servers are available for streaming, and GoGoAnime provides anime downloads in a variety of quality and file size configurations. This Soul Anime alternative supports high-quality streaming, allowing users to watch anime without experiencing video lag or stuttering.


AnimeHeros is a new website dedicated to streaming animated films. This website contains all of the most recent and popular anime in high definition. Additionally, you can watch videos in high definition on this website. It includes a notification feature that notifies users when new web series and movies are launched or released. Additionally, it features an intuitive user interface.



Animekisa is dedicated to providing users with fast, ad-free, and high-definition anime streaming. It is on the verge of accomplishing that after numerous tweaks and adjustments. As a result, you won’t be bothered while browsing by pop-ups, irrelevant direct, or other ad clutter. Additionally, page loading and video streaming are quite fast.

On Animekisa, you’ll find a diverse selection of popular anime shows and films organised by category. Animekisa is another excellent website for watching dubbed anime, as it has a dedicated section for dubbed content that features a large number of excellent titles. Along with streaming anime in high definition, Animekisa allows users to download anime in 360p, 480p, 720p, and 1080p resolutions.



As with the previous sites, this CartoonCrazy one utilises a similar implementation that can be accessed via a standard browser. Additionally, the site utilities a web-based mechanism to provide access to a variety of anime films and series. Additionally, because it is an online service with easy access, you can access it from any location and at any time.

As one of the Soul Anime alternatives, it boasts extensive and expansive libraries. And their collections are constantly growing as they add new videos. Thus, this is the location to visit if you’re looking for cartoon content other than anime.



4Anime prioritises elegance and full HD streaming. It features an intuitive interface and efficient search filters that make it easy to locate the anime you’re looking for. Due to the frequent notifications, it is an excellent resource for catching up on the latest television shows.

Additionally, it has all the famous and classic titles in its library. 4anime does not offer selectable streaming resolutions, but if you care about quality, this is the channel for you, as all episodes are in 1080p. 4Anime’s website is fairly uncluttered.  You may encounter random redirects, but there is no risk as long as no adware is installed.

Anime Kaizoku


Whereas the immediately preceding websites let you watch anime for free, this one lets you download it for free. You will have nothing to fear because everything on this site is completely free. Prior to downloading it, you will be provided with detailed information about it, including a synopsis, cast, and plot. This way, the site ensures that you understand the anime and it will not be disappointed if you decide to download it.



9Anime is without a doubt the most popular website in this category. It is extremely popular due to its large library, high-quality content, and frequent updates. You can find almost any title on this website, including some niche and uncensored anime. 9Anime typically updates episodes within 30 minutes to an hour of their Japanese broadcast.

You can stream anime in a variety of resolutions depending on the servers provided by 9Anime. Of course, quality is guaranteed regardless of which server you choose. A further advantage of 9Anime is the availability of anime for download.


Netanime is a commercial-free platform that allows you to watch anime uninterrupted. It covers both dubbed and subbed anime and includes a reference list of the top 12 anime series on its homepage. Netanime, like the other Soul Anime alternative solutions on this list, offers an extensive library of anime series and supports fast streaming. While it also adds an additional feature that allows users to watch anime together through Watch2gether, which is currently only available to registered members and is still under development.


AnimeFreak is an unrestricted online streaming service that features anime that is both subtitled and dubbed. You can filter the huge collection of anime shows by popular manga, new titles, and genres. Each has a huge list that is updated on a regular basis with new material. AnimeFreak is among the best Soul Anime alternative options, offering all of the same features as Soul Anime while also adding some unique features, such as an appealing user interface.


Soul Anime.to is an excellent resource for obtaining free access to your favorite anime series and films. Meanwhile, the network is home to a slew of excellent websites similar to Soul Anime. We’ve hand-selected 20 excellent options and will continue to update this list to ensure you have the most current information. With all of these excellent Soul Anime alternatives, you’ll never run out of options for watching your favorite anime.

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