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Top 10 Best Sites Like Tumblr You Should Use Must!

Sites like Tumblr

If you’re looking for sites like Tumblr, you’ve come to the right place. Below is a handpicked list of the best Tumblr alternatives. Please continue reading to learn more.

Tumblr is a free website that allows you to start an online journal. It’s completely free to use and makes making blogs a breeze. You can also keep your blog private if you like, and you can quickly offer criticism on other Tumblr content. Tumblr, on the other hand, might not be exactly what you’re looking for in blogging sites like Tumblr.

If you’re looking for sites like Tumblr, you should look into or,, or, on the other hand, maybe a better fit if you want a nicer online journal service, such as for a professional portfolio or a small business.

In this article, you will learn about the best 10 blogging sites like Tumblr that allow you to build free blogs in no time. These blogging sites like Tumblr all have fantastic features. They allow anyone to simply build a blog without the requirement for technological expertise.

Top 10 Best Sites Like Tumblr

Below are the top ten sites like Tumblr. From the list, you could find a great way to express yourself. Simply choose one and begin exploring and expressing yourself.



Soup is a superb blogging platform with basic features, a simple appearance, and many similarities to Tumblr, making it one of the most popular sites like Tumblr and an excellent alternative to it. Soup may not be as well-known as WordPress, Blogger, or other popular blogging platforms, but it certainly provides practically all of the features you’d expect from a free blogging platform.

Everything is so simple and seamless that even a rookie can do it without any additional expertise, from creating a free blog on soup to writing your first article on it. Soup allows you to post anything on your account, including text, links, videos, audio files, quotes, reviews, events, and more.

Soup also has a number of other features that make it one of the Tumblr-like sites. However, one thing should be made clear: soup does not have any monetization options like Hubpages, Blogger, or WordPress. So, when it comes to blogging platforms, soup is a great choice.



WordPress is without a doubt the best blogging platform available, powering approximately 28% of all internet pages. There are very few people who are active in blogging but are unaware of WordPress. It’s an open-source content management system that’s incredibly dependable and simple to use.

If you’ve decided to establish a blog using a free blogging platform, WordPress is undoubtedly the best place to start. WordPress allows you to create a free blog, is search engine optimized, and provides detailed analytics of your website, such as where traffic is coming from and which search query is driving traffic to your site. WordPress also has a large collection of themes, WordPress plugins, and an easy interface.



If you’re solely looking for sites like Tumblr, Posthaven might not be the right fit for you, but if your main goal is to run your blog online with the highest level of security and stability, Posthaven is a viable option. Posthaven will charge you $5 each month to keep your blog available indefinitely.

You’re fine to go with Posthaven if you agree to pay this much money. The multi-author functionality, Post by email, direct post share to Facebook, and other features make Posthaven one of the definite sites like Tumblr and a true blogging platform.



Squarespace is a comprehensive platform for anyone who wants to establish a blog, a business website, or anything else connected. Squarespace is more than just a blog or a website; it’s built to support a wide range of commercial websites, including an online store, a restaurant website, a website for an artist or musician, a small business, or a large corporation.

Squarespace has a large range of ready-made themes that make getting started on Squarespace a breeze. If you like Squarespace’s features and want to get started with it, you should upgrade to premium as soon as your free trial period expires.



Mamby is a relatively new participant in the Social Media game and the finest alternative to Tumblr. In the simplest of terms, Mamby is Pinterest that pays, and more. It’s a perfect score. I created a social media platform that allows users to publish content and rewards them in cryptocurrency for it.

I assist the platform in better understanding each user and their interests, resulting in a custom-tailored feed for each user. Apart from submitting photographs, videos, and GIFs to the site, users may also publish whole posts on Mamby, similar to how they would on a blog, with a rather advanced text editor to assist them better describe their pieces and therefore gain more attention.



Weebly is a full-featured blogging platform that caters to all of your online demands. It’s not just another Tumblr-like site, but a one-stop-shop for all your blogging and business needs. From tiny businesses to giant corporations, from an online store to an artistic website, from a simple blog to a full-fledged online business, Weebly allows you to design a website for any reason, and trust me, you will not be disappointed.

Weebly has a large number of online themes, a simple drag-and-drop interface, complete control over your websites, and practically all of the features of its competitors. Weebly is one of the best blogging platforms available, but it is a premium solution that may not be suitable for people on a tight budget.



Wix is a terrific free blogging platform that’s incredibly popular among those who like to blog and share their ideas with the rest of the world. Wix is very comparable to Weebly, Tumblr, and other blogging platforms in terms of features. Wix offers a drag-and-drop interface, a vast choice of themes, and website features ranging from a simple blog to a full-fledged online store, among other things.

Wix, like WordPress, offers two versions to its users: a premium and a free edition. The free edition has obvious drawbacks, such as restricted storage and a website with a subdomain like But it shouldn’t bother you if you’re a rookie starting your first blog and your only goal is to share your material with the rest of the world.



Hubpages is the third free blogging platform with a significant community of writers. Hubpages has over 651,553 articles published and a monthly viewership of over 41,000,000 million people. Hubbers are users of Hubpages who can follow each other, communicate with one another, and contribute their views, ideas, and information in the form of words, photos, and videos.

Furthermore, HubPages allows its users to make money from their sites through their ad-display policy and affiliate partnerships. So, if you’re looking for a service similar to Tumblr that allows you to establish and run a free blog, Hubpages is a good option!



Blogger is the second most popular blogging platform after WordPress and one of the top sites like Tumblr for building and hosting a free blog. Many large websites have been functioning on this free platform for many years without having to worry about paying for hosting. So, if you’re looking for a site similar to Tumblr where you may host your free blog, you might want to explore Blogger.

The Google product is the main element that distinguishes the blogger as a truly trustworthy and legitimate platform. Yes, Blogger is powered by Google, so it’s already optimized for search engines and Adsense ready. While the majority of free blogging platforms do not allow you to monetize your site and earn money from it, Blogger does.
It means that the sooner you start getting traffic on your site, the more money you can make.



Ghost is another site similar to Tumblr that deserves to be explored. The term Ghost may seem unusual for a blogging platform, yet it is exactly that! We can’t grumble about the moniker “Ghost,” but we can certainly count on Ghost’s features. Although Ghost is not a feature-rich blogging platform, it is unquestionably one of the sites like Tumblr.

Despite the fact that Ghost is an open-source platform and a non-profit company, it is a strong tool for content publishers such as journalists, bloggers, and magnates. Overall, Ghost can be compared to Tumblr-style sites with few optimization choices.


Blogging is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms, and it’s quickly becoming a status symbol. Nowadays, having a personal blog is fashionable, and more individuals are blogging than ever before.

Tumblr is a terrific place to post your free blog and reach a large audience, but it, like everything else, has its drawbacks. Some people believe Tumblr’s UI to be chaotic, and others are dissatisfied with the features that Tumblr provides.

While some people browse for other sites like Tumblr simply because they wish to expand their horizons beyond Tumblr. Regardless matter why you’re looking for Tumblr alternatives, we’ll always be here to assist you.

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