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Top 10 Best Portable Jump Starter Options of 2021

Are you looking for the best portable jump starter options in 2021? We’ve all had the experience, and it’s not pleasant. When you try to start your car, you are met with silence rather than the purr of the engine. The battery has died, and you must either find a random stranger to give you a jump or call for help.

As it turns out, the best portable jump starter can help you solve your own problem. These tiny devices are about the size of a paperback book, but they have enough power to the best portable jump starter a standard vehicle battery multiple times.

Trucks and boats can be the best portable jump starter with heavy-duty models. Traditional jump start cables are used to connect these devices to your vehicle’s battery. The difference is that instead of a stranger in the grocery store parking lot, the other end is occupied by an indifferent, judgment-free electronic device.

The best portable jump starter options also last a long time (up to 18 months or more), so you can keep them in your vehicle until you need them. Just keep an eye on the battery level from time to time; most phones have an onboard battery level display to make this easier.

There are dozens of the best portable jump starter options out there, but some are better for specific purposes or vehicle types. Our picks for the the best portable jump starter on the market are listed below.

How We Tested Portable Jump Starters

We put our the best portable jump starter through three different tests three times because the worst time to discover a portable jump starter doesn’t work is when you’re most likely to need it. First, we put each jump starter to the test in below-freezing temperatures on two old 4-cylinder vehicles with questionable but definitely dead batteries.

Next, we used a carbon pile load tester to connect a third marginal battery and record voltage and amperage. The load tester simulates the current draw of a starter motor and then some. Before each test, we charged all of the jump starters and let them rest overnight in the freezing garage.

Hands-on testing, expert input, “wisdom of the crowd” assessments from actual buyers, and our own expertise all go into our reviews. We strive to provide genuine, accurate guides to assist you in making the best the best portable jump starter.

Best Portable Jump Starter Reviews 2021

Our picks for the best portable jump starter options on the market are listed below.

DieHard 43448 Compact 400

DieHard 43448 Compact 400

The DieHard was the smallest, least powerful, and oldest of the the best portable jump starter, but it persevered and completed the task. DieHard crammed a lot of punch into a package the size of a deck of cards. The pint-sized battery pack performed admirably on the Starlet, with two mistakes in a row followed by a successful start, with 76 percent of the charge remaining.

Load testing revealed some information about its jump-starting abilities. The DieHard was finicky at first, but after about 7 seconds, it held 9V at 200 CCA. The unit faulted out at a maximum output of 200A with 50% of the charge remaining. A charging cable and a drawstring pouch were included with the DieHard, but no operating instructions. Despite its small size, the Die-Hard is a viable option for smaller 4-cylinder vehicles.

The Draper Expert Lithium the best portable jump starter 15066 may be lacking in style, as it appears to be plasticy and lacks a digital display to assist you. It is, however, without a doubt, one of the show’s stars, thanks to its lightweight 1.02kg construction and user-friendly design. The unit has four LEDs that show you how far you’ve come, and it can charge at a maximum of 400A.

It can be powered by the mains or plugged into a 12v socket, making it ideal for the boot of your car. A pair of USB ports adds to the connectivity, and the cables are long enough to be useful.

GOOLOO Super Safe Starter

GOOLOO Super Safe Starter

The boost-equipped Gooloo is an excellent value due to its impressive power in a small package. We used the Boost feature right away because the Starion battery was in such bad shape. We turned the ignition key after about 15 seconds on Boost, and the Gooloo started the Starion engine like a boss.

After the successful start, the battery pack did not fail, and the gauge read “100 percent charged.” We removed the clamps, reconnected the Gooloo, pressed the Boost button, and waited 15 seconds. Gooloo kicked the starter like it was a new battery, and the Starlet’s 1300 cc’s of fury were unleashed. The unboosted load test yielded almost nothing, with only 2-4 volts for a few seconds at 50 CCA.

The voltage was raised to around 12.5V using the Boost button. On its first load test, the unit went into Shutdown mode right away, but when challenged again, it held 10 volts for 10 seconds at 200 CCA. With only one bar on the charging metre, we measured just under 200A maximum output before automatic shutdown.

GooLoo Car Jump Starter 400A

Ring’s the best portable jump starter, not to be confused with the smart doorbell company, has a large 13,000mAh capacity, yet weighs well under 1kg and is small enough to fit in most gloveboxes. This jump starter works on petrol and diesel engines up to 3.0 litres, and includes two USB ports for charging your devices as well as an LED flashlight.

Unfortunately, there is no display to show how much charge the jump starter has left, but four LED lights provide a rough indication of the battery’s status. The unit can be fully charged from a wall outlet in just three hours, according to Ring.

Audew Portable Jump Starter

Audew Portable Jump Starter

The performance of Audew’s manually activated Boost was the most powerful of the bunch, but its durability and reliability were called into question during our load test. Even so, if you’re looking for maximum power, the Audew is the way to go. We pushed the Boost button and walked over to the driver’s seat after connecting the cables to the nearly depleted Starion battery.

The fully charged Audew cranked over the starter with confidence, and the engine fired up right away. The charge gauge dropped to 75% at first, but it quickly recovered to full power. On the Starlet, Audew’s unboosted performance was not as impressive, but then again, none of our starters were. It was a different store in Boost mode. The starter spun the 1300cc pushrod 4-cylinder to life with a single click of the Boost button and a 15-second countdown. We put the Audew on the bench to fight the load tester one last time.

Silverline 12v Lithium Power Bank & Jump Starter 423352

The Sealey has all of the features you’d expect from the best portable jump starter. It has a long battery life thanks to its 8,000mAh capacity, which means it can handle any recharging scenario. Meanwhile, thanks to a digital display, the design is both compact and simple to use. It also weighs only 1.61 kilogrammes and has dimensions of 11 x 9 x 20 centimetres, making it easy to transport.

The dual 42cm leads appear to be durable, and a pair of USB connectors add value, particularly since one provides a faster 2.1A charge for phones and tablets. The jump starter market is competitive, as it is with most products, so this is priced accordingly, which makes it all the more appealing.

NOCO Boost Plus GB40

NOCO Boost Plus GB40

The NOCO Boost Plus GB40 won the best portable jump starter award for its consistent and determined jump-starting performance. The GB40 model was tough, simple, and fully automatic. It didn’t have as many charging ports or secondary features as the others, but it didn’t need them to start the engine. The Starlet engine took a few tries to start, but on the third try, the pushrod peanut grinder worked.

For the first load test, we dragged the unit over to the bench and waited 30 seconds. It maintained 9V for 15 seconds at 142A, with a maximum load of 250A. The NOCO hit the same numbers in the next two load tests, and it shut down automatically after each one.

Although the NOCO GB40 only has one output port, its long, heavy gauge battery cables outperformed the competition as the best portable jump starter. It comes with one charging cable and a fabric drawstring storage pouch, which made us wish for a hardshell case.



Tacklife’s T8 jump starter is jam-packed with features. The high-quality device came in a zippered hard case with a variety of 12V adapters and a 120V AC charger for quick charging at home. The Boost control module has large buttons and bright, clearly labelled indicator lights, and the jumper cable quality is above average. With 88 percent charge remaining, we activated the Starion’s Boost function right away, and the T8 started the turbocharged 4-cylinder on the first try.

Tacklife, you’ve won the first round. The Starlet was not impressed by the non-boosted performance. After connecting the T8, we waited 30 seconds before turning the key. There wasn’t even a click. On Boost, the T8 started the starter motor but did not start the engine. The Starlet engine clattered to life on the third try, bringing redemption.

Silverline 12v Lithium Power Bank

Draper Expert Lithium Jump Starter 15066

The Silverline is a muscular power bank and jump starter combination that is one of the most reasonably priced models available. Despite the fact that there is only one USB 2.1A connector, it still provides a respectable 400A/6000mAh capacity. The Silverline can’t be charged via a 12v car socket, so it’s either mains or USB.

Nonetheless, it’s a cool option thanks to its ease of use, generous 41cm leads, and a set of crystal clear blue power LEDs that tell you how much capacity is available. It also weighs only 231 grammes, making it a featherweight and highly portable option if you want to keep it in a car with limited space.


Compact the best portable jump starter can be an excellent modern alternative to jumper cables, but power management and quality are critical considerations. The NOCO Boost Plus GB40 was our best overall performer, with heavy-gauge battery cables and foolproof power management that provided consistent and repeatable results.

Ignore peak amperage claims when shopping for a portable jump starter. As a guide, consider the battery capacity and cranking amperage. Keep in mind that a larger engine necessitates a more powerful the best portable jump starter.

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