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Best Pokemon Emulators For PC To Play Pokemon Games

If you enjoy playing video games, now is a fantastic moment to invest in the pokemon emulator pc. But, before we go any further, let’s make sure we’re not going to introduce a tiny pokemon into your daily routine. Pikachu will not appear in your lunch box and will consume your sandwiches. It isn’t going to happen now.

Emulators are just software that simulates a gaming console for use on a computer. Pokemon emulator pc is not unlawful. To put it another way, it is legal. There are, however, differing perspectives on the matter.

We’ll also offer the best pokemon emulator pc so you can play Pokemon games on your PC, smartphone, or tablet. Without having to carry so many gadgets, you may battle, capture, snap, and explore the favourable pokemon’s territory at home.

So, to play Pokemon games, have a look at the following pokemon emulator pc.

Best Pokemon Emulator PC To Play Pokemon Game


pokemon emulator pc

Melon DS is one of the most recommended Nintendo DS emulators for your computer if you want to play Pokemon games. MelonDS consistently outperforms the main NDS emulator, DesMuMe, in this fashion. MelonDS, on the other hand, is not DesMuMe.

It is devoid of emulation and visual options. With the new JIT re-compiler and the new OpenGL render capability, you will be able to pick extreme resolutions regardless of your system’s performance. MeelonDS will be the quickest emulation in this case.

In conclusion, if you are looking for the finest emulator to play Pokemon games, this emulator may be the best alternative pokemon emulator pc. Furthermore, it is regarded as the greatest emulator for Windows.

MelonDS also has several standout features, such as local Wi-Fi compatibility for multi-player games. This feature is merely a test, and it only works with a limited selection of games. Aside from that, this emulator has a save slot, a limited number of screen configuration choices, and support for joysticks.

People continue to use this emulator for only two reasons. First, it has high performance at certain higher resolutions, and it also has a high level of precision.


pokemon emulator pc

RetroArch, unlike other Pokemon emulators, is meant to be an all-in-one pokemon emulator pc that allows you to play games on virtually all retro systems. The major goal of creating this emulator was to combine several emulators into a single piece of software.

RetroArch provides MelonDS and DesMuMe to simulate DNS titles in this situation. It can run more games, such as Atari, MAME, and all Nintendo consoles, including NES, DS, SNES, 3DS, 64, DSi, and more because it is an all-in-one emulator.

RetroArch has a daunting UI at first, but as you get used to it, it becomes a lot easier. RetroArch, on the other hand, is thought to be more difficult to run than Nintendo DS emulators. When utilising this pokemon emulator, you may make use of a number of significant features.

The emulation choices and the important graphics are as follows. The native resolution may be raised to 4K in this method, and shaders can be used to drastically alter the game’s appearance. There are also some extra features, such as joystick support, save slot selection and various screen layout choices.



NO $GBA is a pokemon emulator pc you may use. Though it began by emulating Gameboy Advance games, it quickly rose to the top of the list of the best Nintendo DS emulators for Windows. The biggest and most important feature of NO $GBA is that it also supports GBA, Nintendo DS, and Nintendo DS Lite games.

In terms of graphics, this emulator has a number of options. However, compared to DesMuMe, a few modifications in settings give it a decent game visual. In fact, even on slow PCs, this emulator performs admirably. It also consumes fewer system resources than the other top NDS emulators we’ve reviewed. The absence of screen layout features and the still-experimental multiplayer functionality is the emulator’s main drawbacks.

Furthermore, this emulator may not be suitable for all scenarios. As a result, the emulator is only accessible on Windows. Fortunately, it has standard features like joystick compatibility and a save state option, as well as in-house cheat code support.

DraStic DS Emulator

pokemon emulator pc

The DraStic DS pokemon emulator pc is best regarded as the best DS emulator on Android in the world of emulators. When it comes to functionality, this programme is comparable to a Nintendo DS emulator on a PC. This emulator, like many others, has features such as saving states, controller compatibility, button mapping, and so on.

The internal resolution of the DraStic DS Emulator may be increased. However, the highest expectation for this emulator is a smartphone with a high configuration. The DraStic DS Emulator compensates for the differences in smartphone screen dynamics with the Nintendo DS by providing six alternative layout possibilities.

A stacked view, a single view, and the ability to keep one screen shorter than the other are all available in this emulator. The main disadvantage of this emulator is that it has a $4.99 paid Android app version. Due to the number of features, however, this price is not regarded as an issue. What makes you believe you’ll utilise the DraStic DS Emulator in the first place? in general, it is commonly used to conserve data and speed up emulation in the online Google Drive area.

Citra – Nintendo 3DS Emulator

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Citra is, without a doubt, the pokemon emulator pc for playing Pokemon games on your PC that Nintendo 3DS has to offer. It has a poor system that can run select 3DS games at high resolution and with full visuals. This emulator is notable for being able to let users select internal resolutions up to 4K, allowing them to play Pokemon games and The Legend of Zelda.

The Citra emulator also has an official website, which includes a part where you can check if the PC emulator is compatible with Nintendo 3DS titles. Citra has to cheat code support, joystick support, and screen layout choices, just like many other Pokemon emulators.

It also includes a built-in screen recorder. Furthermore, it also emulates 3DS local Wi-Fi. As a consequence, you’ll be able to play multiplayer games with other individuals who are using this emulator to run the games.

Citra is the only emulator available for Android devices. Citra is compatible with Windows, Android, and Linux, making it one of the tops suggested emulators for playing Pokemon. People continue to use this emulator since it supports multiplayer and has a 10x internal resolution.


Lemuroid is yet another Android pokemon emulator pc. This emulator, provided by Nintendo DS, allows you to play Pokemon games for free. It is also devoid of advertisements. The Lemuroid also supports a variety of different systems, including the Atari 7800 and Atari 2600.

Atari Lynx, Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and a slew of additional consoles have been released. There are also certain essential elements that any player may take advantage of when playing Pokemon. There’s also support for gamepads and fast saves. You may even connect several gamepads this way.

Additionally, the Android app for playing Pokemon games has a directory where you may view all of your games. The Lemuroid is commonly used to connect more than just gamepads and to offer zipped ROMs with the necessary functionality.



In terms of emulation settings and supported consoles, this emulator is quite similar to RetroArch. However, there is one feature that distinguishes OpenEmu from other emulators.

What exactly is it? It’s a beautiful, simplified user interface. If you’re using a Mac, the UI will make you think of iTunes. The pokemon emulator pc, for example, displays the box art for games. It is also sorted according to the platform. If you wish to play Nintendo DS games, OpenEmu comes with DeSmuMe.

The lack of some visual options is one of the flaws. Furthermore, there is no way to enhance the internal resolution. Aside from that, this emulator has screen layout choices, save states, and cheat code support, among other things. Switch Pro, DualShock, Wiimote, and a slew of additional controllers are among those supported. This emulator is also one of the finest DS emulators for the Mac in general.


Overall, if you are a Pokemon game lover, there are always some excellent pokemon emulator pc choices to consider. Choose one of the eight options from the list above that best suits your needs and preferences. Alternatively, you can try more than one of the emulators we propose.

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