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Top 10 Free Best Home Design Software For You Home

Best Home Design Software

Are you looking for the best home design software in 2021? Your renovation costs may rise even more if you include some low- or medium-cost upgrades and install new plumbing. It’s difficult to predict how your project will turn out or how much it will cost unless you’re a professional architect or have construction experience.

The best home design software allows you to build a floorplan, choose wall colours, and add furniture and other design elements to create a realistic vision of your home improvement project. To come up with the best home design software, we looked at over ten different the best home design software options.

We took more than just price into account when choosing the best home design software. We wanted to make sure that the best home design software options were simple to use, that the renderings were realistic, and that they could take real spaces, upload photos, and create true-to-life designs.

Top 10 Best Home Design Software

We looked at more than a dozen interior the best home design software programs and chose the best based on how simple it was to design and layout a room, the overall cost of each the best home design software, and how detailed and realistic a layout each could provide. Here are our top ten recommendations.


Floorplanner was created in 2007 by a group of architects and civil engineers who wanted to create a 3D modelling software that was simpler, lighter, and more accessible. Theirs was the first browser-based 2D and 3D planning tool, and it now has a global user base of over 25 million.

Because it offers two low-priced monthly subscription plans with all the features needed in interior best home design software, we chose it as the best-priced programme. Users of Floorplanner can use the software’s simple drag-and-drop interface to import an existing drawing or start from scratch. The software includes a Magic Layout option that decorates an entire room with just one click, in addition to an extensive library of 3D objects and furniture that can be dropped into any design.

Another button quickly converts a 2D floor plan into a 3D model with camera angles and lighting that can be adjusted. Users can also create interactive and 3D floor flythroughs for clients by exporting a photorealistic shot of any room.

You don’t want to hire an architect and instead want to design your dream home yourself? Home Designer Pro is the best thing for DIY home enthusiasts. Home Designer Pro, a product of Chief Architect, includes a slew of tools for interior design, remodelling, outdoor living, and cost estimation. This is one of the best home design software in 2021.

These have widely accepted defaults for most building practises, making it a breeze to create your own project. Home Designer Pro is capable of creating anything from a single room to an entire house. It allows you to build cabinets, put furniture in place, and even paint the walls.

The majority of home design programmes are fairly complex and have a steep learning curve. However, some are relatively simple to use, such as Sweet Home 3D, which is also free. This is one of the best home design software in 2021. With just your mouse and keyboard, you can create straight, round, or sloping walls with precise dimensions using Sweet Home 3D.

By dragging doors and windows into the plan, the software allows you to quickly add them to walls. You can customize your model with furniture from an extensive, searchable catalogue organized by categories like kitchen, living room, bedroom, and bathroom. Color, texture, size, thickness, location, and orientation can all be changed for each added element (e.g., wall, floor).

Total 3D’s Home, Landscape & Deck Premium Suite software, which is brimming with features, gives you nearly limitless creative freedom when designing rooms and gardens for just $29.99. This is one of the best home design software in 2021. You can start planning your dream home by uploading your own sketches or selecting from 14,000 samples. You can use a catalogue of 20,000 brand-name products or import digital images of your current pieces and textiles to see how they would look in different designs.

You are completely incorrect if you believe that only desktop programmes are suitable for home design. Space Designer 3D is a web-based application that allows you to design and visualise your dream home using only your browser. It’s easy to get started with Space Designer 3D, and all you need is an account.

The app allows you to create floor plans from the basement to the roof, and you can personalize your interior design with over 5,000 different furniture and materials that are suitable for both residential and commercial use. The best home design software app makes it simple to see your finished project in 2D and 3D in real time. Space Designer 3D can realistically simulate natural lighting based on GPS coordinates and time of day.

SketchUp Pro is unquestionably the best home design software available, with its extensive feature set, advanced 3D modelling tools, and online forums that include everything from tutorials to discussions. Using simple click-and-release mouse actions, SketchUp Pro allows you to design highly accurate 3D models of homes (and other similar structures).

Simply select one of the many preloaded templates, choose a view, and you’re good to go. The “LayOut” tool can be used to create 3D models as well as plans, elevations, details, title blocks, and much more. It’s also ideal for creating presentations, with features ranging from drafting to vector illustrations. The software makes it simple to convert models into animated flyovers and walkthroughs that explain every detail.

Do you want to do some home planning while you’re on the go? There’s no need to bring a laptop with you; your smartphone will suffice. Simply download and install Homestyler to get started. Homestyler is a powerful home design app with a plethora of features.

Simply take a photo of your room and experiment with different wall colours, decor items, and furniture from real brands. You can hang light fixtures from the ceiling as well as place high-quality 3D models of various items in the virtual room. The best home design software makes visualizing different product combinations a breeze, allowing you to see how realistic models of branded rugs, paintings, mirrors, and other items will look in your space.


SmartDraw’s web-based version of its software, which can be accessed on any Windows or Mac computer or smart device, was first released in 1994 as an all-purpose drawing tool for Windows. Because it allows users to create detailed 2D floor plans using architectural standards for a low monthly fee, we chose it as the best for 2D drawing.

SmartDraw is simple to use for beginners, but it’s also sophisticated enough for seasoned interior designers. Users can start with Quick-Start floor plan templates, which can be easily customized. Users can also use common architectural scales, change the scale at any time, and even use a printed scale that differs from the drawing scale in SmartDraw. Only advanced computer-aided design (CAD) software has these features, which make it simple for anyone involved in a project to view a project to their exact specifications.


HomeByMe was founded as a side project by 3DVIA, a Paris-based firm, with the belief that designing floor plans should be simple and enjoyable. It was chosen as the best for ease of use because it allows users to quickly create 2D floor plans and convert them to photorealistic 3D models using only a browser.

Users can start with a scanned floor plan, enter room dimensions, or draw one with HomeByMe’s pencil drawing tool. Windows and doors can be easily added from a catalogue of HomeByMe’s partners’ products.


Floorplanner created Roomstyler, a free best home design software app. Its main purpose is to allow companies to show how their products will look in various floor plans. It was chosen as the best free option because it allows users to create simple floor plans for free, using video tutorials and a library of thousands of objects.

Roomstyler is probably the most user-friendly of the interior design platforms we looked at. Users can easily resize, shape, and dimension an existing room shape by dragging and dropping it. With the click of a mouse, doors and windows can be added, and textures can be changed with a single click using a simple paintbrush tool.

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