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Top 10 Best Free Website Builder Updated in 2021

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Making a decision on the best free website builder can be challenging, especially because there are 74 popular options to choose between. Price, dependability, web hosting services, technical support, site speed, SEO, features, ease of use, template design, and other factors were taken into consideration when ranking and reviewing the best free website builders for creating a website in this article.

Which is the best free website builder?

Creating a website with a best free website builder is a quick and simple way to establish a web presence for your company or online business. These best free website builder tools make it easier to maintain your website by bringing together domain registration, hosting, and website design into a single platform.

If you’re not very familiar with web design and development, you’ll want to use an editor that allows you to drag and drop elements. It is entirely up to you to make your decision.

Best Free Website Builders


Wix Website Builder

A website builder with over 100 million users, Wix is the most widely used on the market today. They provide more than 500 ready-to-use templates for you to choose best free website builder from to construct your website in any industry. These designs are mobile-friendly, and there are more than 100 typefaces to select from (or you can upload your own).

Their designs are also visually appealing, thanks to the use of scroll effects and innovative design features such as animation and video backdrops. If you currently have a domain registered with GoDaddy or wish to register one with, they make the process extremely simple.

Plans for adding e-commerce to your site, which will allow you to sell your products online, begin at $20 per month. If you’re running a small business, Wix is the best online store builder available. You don’t need a platform with more advanced features, such as BigCommerce or Shopify, to run your business.

These fantastic new tools are available to Wix website owners who wish to incorporate an e-commerce store. Wix is the most user-friendly website-building tool available on the market today. Your website’s design and feel can be virtually infinitely customized without the need for any coding experience.


Squarespace Blogging Tools

When I think of Squarespace, the first thing that comes to mind is their stunning home page. They actually understand how to design stunning, high-quality websites for both small enterprises and personal websites. They lead the pack in terms of design, with over 100 design templates to select best free website builder options.

Squarespace layouts are beautifully designed down to the last detail. For any website, the typefaces, color schemes, and pictures are all excellent. Their platform is excellent for bloggers, in addition to design. I tried out their WYSIWYG blog editor and found it to be quite user-friendly.

The Personal plan costs $12 per month, while the Online Store (Advanced) plan costs $40 per month. Squarespace offers a free domain and charges monthly depending on a one-year commitment. A free domain name, unlimited bandwidth and storage, free SSL, and 24/7 customer support are all included with the Personal package.


Weebly Homepage

Weebly hosts over 530,000 domains and is renowned as the go-to website builder for consumers who don’t have a lot of technical knowledge. They come with a variety of useful functions. If you’re a blogger, can help you choose a domain name and add text, graphics, and content to your site.

They also provide a mobile best free website builder app for tracking the performance of your website on the go. Email marketing platforms also allow you to deliver newsletters to your subscribers directly from the platform. They feature a free plan that includes 500 MB of storage, a free SSL certificate, and a Weebly-branded domain. This plan allows you to utilize a custom domain, but you must use Weebly branding throughout your site.

Furthermore, the free plan only includes chat and email help, not phone service. The premium options on Weebly run from $5 to $25 per month. The Business Plan, on the other hand, includes extensive e-commerce capability, a free domain, and $200 in Google ad credits.


Shopify Ecommerce Website Builder

Shopify is a major eCommerce best free website builder that is used to sell things online by over 800,000 businesses. They were created in Canada in 2004 and immediately rose to prominence thanks to their user-friendly interface and dozens of app connectors. While not every website owner requires product-selling capability, I included Shopify because practically any small business might utilize their services to put up their website.

Shopify offers many of the same capabilities as the other tools on this list, such as hosting, your own domain name, 70+ professional themes, a free SSL certificate, and marketing and SEO tools. There are three plans available, ranging from $29 to $299 per month.

The $29/month Basic Shopify Plan should provide website owners with all they require, including a complete website, an online store with unlimited products, blog functionality, and 24/7 support, among other things. Shopify offers a 14-day free trial with no credit card necessary if you want to give it a shot.

HubSpot Content Management System

HubSpot CMS

HubSpot is a powerful CRM and marketing platform that also includes a full-featured content management system and website builder. You can build website pages, blog entries, and landing pages from scratch or from pre-built templates using their platform.

Their drag-and-drop editor incorporates responsive design to assist you in creating web pages that look fantastic on any device. Integrations are what set HubSpot apart. HubSpot, unlike the other best free website builder on this list, is integrated with a variety of marketing software, including solutions for managing email marketing, being found online, and capturing, engaging, and understanding leads.

When creating a webpage, for example, you may include calls-to-action and forms that turn visitors into leads. Then, once you’ve figured out who your visitors are, you can produce content tailored to them depending on their location, device, language, traffic source, or any other information you save in your HubSpot CRM.


Elementor Homepage

Elementor has a dynamic visual editor that was created to help web designers. Users may create or tweak their website using the platform’s straightforward drag and drop functionality. Elementor users will be able to effortlessly design and build attractive, professional WordPress best free website builder at scale as a result of this.

Elementor customers can choose from thousands of pre-designed, fully responsive website designs as a WordPress website builder. They can also use the popular Hello theme from Elementor. Hello is a ‘super’ WordPress starter theme that is lightweight, simple, and blank, and can be adjusted to match any design concepts or end-user needs.

Elementor also allows you to use custom code to control every feature, design element, and website operation. A typical hosting package costs between $4 and $16 per month and includes an SSL option to keep your site secure as well as a Content Delivery Network to speed up page loading times.


Users can use Elementor for free or subscribe to one of several subscription plans. The platform’s drag-and-drop editor, mobile editing, and Elementor’s Hello theme are all available with the free plan (the fastest theme on WordPress).


Zyro Homepage

Zyro is a free website builder dedicated to assisting small businesses in telling their unique stories online. They are best recognized for their quickness and simplicity. You may quickly and easily establish a business website using Zyro because it doesn’t require any coding.

Your site runs quickly and looks excellent on all devices thanks to its light structure. With pre-made design templates, AI-driven text, an intuitive drag-and-drop grid tool, mobile readiness, and over one million stock pictures to pick from, Zyro helps you expand your online business.

Zyro has three major price plans: a free plan, a $1.99/month “Basic” plan, and a $3.49/month “Unleashed” plan. Their free plan doesn’t come with a custom domain name, but it does come with 99.9% uptime, an SSL certificate, 500MB of bandwidth, and 500MB of storage.

Finally, their “Unleashed” package includes all Zyro features as well as unrestricted bandwidth and storage. If you want to have a lot of material on your site, it makes sense to go with this plan and enjoy the unlimited features at such a reasonable price of $3.49/month.


Ucraft Website Builder

Ucraft, a famous landing page free website builder, has just released a fantastic multi-functional website builder. They provide a blogging platform, a landing page creator, a logo builder, and ecommerce capability, among other features. Ucraft might be used by a small business to create a logo, construct a new website, and begin selling things online.

Ucraft offers more than 80 pre-designed responsive website templates in a variety of categories, including fashion, photography, restaurants, retail, agencies, sports, business, events, and more. They also provide over 100 pre-designed blocks you can use on your pages, such as CTA buttons, forms, footers, and testimonials.

If you want to make a website for nothing, they have a free plan that allows you to:

Ucraft branding and limitations are present on all of their free sites. If you want to make a professional website, you can get started for $10 a month, which includes some new features.


Webflow: website builder

Webflow is a website builder company in California that helps you create, construct, and host websites. To create a site that meets your needs, the Webflow designer tool uses semantic HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. You have the option of dragging and dropping HTML elements or selecting pre-designed elements such as sliders, tabs, and background movies.

You can also utilize a CSS-based approach to make simultaneous modifications to several items. It also allows you to add custom codes to any web page’s head or before the /head> tag. The ability to generate reusable symbols such as navbars, footers, signup forms, and other elements speeds up the design process. You also receive access to over 100 configurable templates for various company, portfolio, and blog types, both free and premium.

Plans for your account:

The free plan allows you to try out the best free website builder with two projects before upgrading to more advanced plans.


Flothemes: website building software

Flothemes is a firm that creates WordPress themes that may be customized. These templates allow you to create websites in WordPress without having to know how to code. Flex block, a sophisticated free flow page builder with endless modification options, powers it.

Premade layouts and content blocks are included in all of the templates and themes. You can also change the page’s colours, fonts, and structure, among other things. For $499-$1999, Flothemes will assist you in setting up your website. They offer services such as page load speed optimization, SEO, styling, and more, in addition to putting up your site from the ground up.

You’ll also get two 45-minute screen-sharing sessions with professionals and one 45-minute SEO advice call. You’ll get six rounds of implementations in all. Flothemes also includes features such as SSL support, WordPress installation, typography, color scheme customization, and more. A dashboard, complete design freedom, and SEO best free website builder tools are also included.


While their themes are only $279 for a one-time purchase, Flothemes has three pricing options for their website setup services:

The Simple Setup Package allows you to skip over the technical aspects and get right to work on adding content and customizing your theme. WordPress installation, site layout setup, theme installation, WordPress transfer, website launch, and so on are all included.

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