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Top 10 Best Free Language Learning Apps For 2022

It can be learning to learn a new language. Thankfully, you can learn to speak like a native speaker without leaving your house using a variety of the best free language learning apps.

Some the best free language learning apps make it fun by using games, while others allow you to set aside 10 minutes each day to learn a new language. Here is our list of the best free language learning apps, both paid and free, to help you get closer to becoming bilingual.

We are all lifelong learners who are always on the lookout for the best free language learning apps, platforms, and ways to learn new languages. We compiled a list of our ten favorite the best free language learning apps to help you narrow down your options. You may recognize some of them, but you may also discover some new gems!

Benefit to Using Best Free Language Learning Apps

best free language learning apps

Are you someone who is constantly on the move or considering moving to a new country where you don’t speak the language? Perhaps you want to improve your workplace effectiveness by adding a new language to your skill set.

There are numerous reasons to consider the best free language learning apps and online language courses, all of which are equally valid. They can be for anyone, from teenagers who want to build a strong foundation in languages to adults who are less at ease in the classroom.

Top 10 Best Free Language Learning Apps

Here are the best free language learning apps services give you the opportunity to learn the language of your choice at your own pace.


LinguaLift Android App

This is a language app aimed at serious learners who want a comprehensive language programme with the help of a tutor. This is one of the best free language learning apps in 2021. Yes, they have a good app, but it is the additional assistance from professional teachers that makes the difference. Any questions you may have can be directed to the tutors.

For those who are interested, they can assist with grammar, recommend additional resources, and even assign and correct homework. The app itself is excellent for beginners and intermediate students, with clear grammar explanations, vocabulary and script learning tools, and a variety of cultural insights not found in most language programmes. Of course, there are the professional tutors who are well-versed in the subject.


Memrise iPhone app

Memrise is the place to go if you want to practice your vocabulary in a fun way. The vibrant community of users has created courses on almost every language you can imagine—or invent, as there are several devoted to constructed languages. This is one of the best free language learning apps in 2021.

Standardized courses based on popular textbooks or vocabulary frequency lists are available, as well as less common vocabulary collections such as “Japanese naughty words” or words from the Japanese translation of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Memrise’s appeal is based on two factors: memes and gamification.

The app employs a method of learning that involves making amusing or bizarre associations with the words being studied. Memes are frequently used in classes to help students remember vocabulary in a fun way. The memes are made by the community, and anyone can contribute one! Earning, revising, and creating memes all earn you points that help you move up the Memrise user hierarchy (from Membryo to Overlord).


Mindsnacks iPhone screenshot

Did I mention that Duolingo makes language learning fun? Mindsnacks is a game that takes gamification to a whole new level. This is one of the best free language learning apps in 2021. Each of the seven languages they teach includes eight or nine mini games to help you learn vocabulary, grammar, and improve your listening skills.

There are short, simple lessons that outline concepts that are then practised or tested in games before they are considered mastered. Mindsnacks tracks your progress so you can see exactly how much more learning you need to master each skill. It’s such a fun app, though, that even if you master a skill, going back and playing more games to practise it is still enjoyable! Although the basic download is free, it only includes a limited number of games. You can access more lessons and expand your game options by paying a small fee.

Rosetta Stone

Without Rosetta Stone, no list of the best language learning apps would be complete. Unfortunately, the only reason we included it is because it is the world’s most well-known language learning programme. This is one of the best free language learning apps in 2021. Their entire language learning philosophy is to ‘learn like a baby.’ This school of thought, however, has a major flaw.

As an adult, there are far more effective and expedient ways to learn a language. Rosetta Stone is excellent at teaching you individual words, but it does so without providing context. You have no idea how to use these words in the real world without context. The truth is that it may take a month or two of Rosetta Stone study before you can introduce yourself or ask a simple question in your target language.


Duolingo Android app screenshot

How many times have you been asked, “Is it like Duolingo?” when trying to describe another learning app? There isn’t a single list of the best apps that doesn’t include it. Luis von Ahn successfully combined gamification and language learning, resulting in an app with over 100 million users.

The app has become a standard example of language learning on a mobile device. Many Duolingo courses are created by native speakers, allowing communities and language enthusiasts to participate and giving rise to courses like Guarani and Klingon, which are perhaps less expected.

Another feature that appeals to me about Duolingo is that it is not designed solely for English native speakers. There are specific courses for each language that are aimed at people who speak a variety of first languages, totaling 81 courses to date.


Mosa Lingua App

MosaLingua is a comprehensive language resource that includes French, Spanish, and Italian. This is one of the best free language learning apps in 2021. You can either follow the standard lesson program, which starts with simple phrases and numerals, or you can choose from one of the topical packs, such as people, time, or tourism.

This means that if you’ve already gone over the basics and want to fill in specific knowledge gaps, you can do so right away. Dialogues that depict real-life situations can be used to supplement your learning. Learning is based on a self-assessed flashcard system that will drill you on the words in a variety of ways, including recording, speaking out, and spelling them, in order to activate all of your “memory channels.”


Busuu iPhone app

Busuu offers complete courses in 12 different languages. The app is free, but you must pay $17 per month to gain access to the majority of the features and course materials. The app walks you through everything from learning individual words to simple dialogues and questions about the dialogues, all with audio so you can hear native pronunciation.

Lessons are organized around topical themes, and we learn skills and expressions that are relevant to the tasks. Each course also includes a mini “travel course” for those who need to brush up on the basics before taking a trip abroad—pretty handy! This is one of the best free language learning apps in 2021.


Babbel iPhone app

A paid Duolingo cousin with more free content than Busuu? The free version includes 40 lessons, so even if you don’t want to spend any money, you can learn a decent number of phrases in one of the 13 languages it supports. This is one of the best free language learning apps in 2021. Each class begins with a step-by-step presentation of vocabulary using pictures.

The words are then used in related phrases and short dialogues that are tailored to the student’s level to aid in the rapid development of conversation skills. The app includes useful pop-ups that explain the most important grammatical points related to the learned material, and the desktop version includes brief cultural notes.


TripLingo iPhone app

The app is aimed at travellers who need to brush up on their language skills before a dream vacation in Mauritius or a business trip to Mexico, as the name suggests.The app is designed to help you communicate and be understood in a foreign environment, making your stay not only culturally enriching but also less stressful.

Furthermore, the creators made an effort to make you sound like a local by requiring you to use current expressions rather than textbook formulas. The slang slider displays different levels of formality or casualty for each phrase, allowing you to tailor it to the context you’re in. This is one of the best free language learning apps in 2021. The lessons are broken down into sections like “safety phrases” and “business phrases.”


HelloTalk Android screenshot

An app designed to make speaking practice easier and remove the stress of real-time conversation. This is one of the best free language learning apps in 2021. Learners can use a whatsapp-like chat with voice and text messages to find native speakers and converse with them. Users can use an in-built correction tool to correct each other’s messages, turning language exchanges into mini-tutoring sessions.

The app also includes a built-in translation system to help you avoid those awkward situations where you desperately want to communicate something but are missing just one word to complete the sentence.

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