Top 20 Best Free Karaoke Software for Windows and Mac

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Karaoke software is the best way to keep singing without having to look up the lyrics to each song you enjoy. Every Karaoke Software discussed in this article has the ability to project the lyrics in sync with the music.

Since 1970, when it was nothing more than a massive machine, Karaoke Software has been in use. Karaoke has become increasingly popular as a result of the culture of bars and pubs. It was followed by a major refurbishment, which included the addition of current Karaoke Software.

We’ll go over some of the best Karaoke Software for Windows and Mac in this article to help you perform the song better.

Best Free Karaoke Software for Windows and Mac in 2022

Some of the most popular and free Karaoke Software or apps for Windows and Mac that you should try in 2022 are listed below:

KaraFun Player

KaraFun, there is a collection of about 280,000 songs that is maintained by a highly interactive storage system. The program includes a favorite list function, a music history feature, a split display screen, and customizable keys. CD+G, MPEG, MIDI, KAR, and many other formats are supported by Kara Fun Player.

Kanto Karaoke

Kanto Karaoke can play practically any media file, including KAR, MP3, and other formats. It includes a variety of functions that will enhance your singing experience. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac. This free Karaoke app has some of the best microphone settings with exceptional audio quality, allowing you to turn your iPhone into a genuine Karaoke platform. Aside from lyrical visibility, Kanto Karaoke allows you to switch to live mode at any time.

Siglos Karaoke Professional

Siglos Karaoke’s professional app is supported by a website called Power Karaoke. This program is meant for Windows users. It supports a number of popular formats, including MIDI, MP3G, BIN, and others. The Karaoke app lets you make your own playlists and controls the pace, pitch, history, lyrics, and a variety of other features. When used mostly in commercial clubs and bars, this Karaoke software is the best.

Just karaoke 2.0

Just Karaoke is a user-friendly Karaoke program for PC that runs on both Windows and Mac. It allows you to make a playlist of your favorite songs, research the singer’s background, and access a song library of nearly 7000 tracks. The app has a simple search capability as well as a variety of sound effects and features that enhance your sing-along experience. It’s a completely free program, and some long-term users find it to be an excellent tool for singing.

PC DJ Karaoki

PC DJ Karaoki is the best free Karaoke software for you because it is simple to use and has a lot of features. PC DJ Karaoki is a great choice if you’re looking for a karaoke app that will have you partying all night. It is only compatible with Windows. From adding Karaoke songs to adjusting the play settings, a variety of tools come in handy. It has a history of all songs played, as well as vocalist rotations, color display, and color option setup, a lock screen, and drag and drop functionality.


With this free Karaoke tool, you may play any file format right immediately, including AVI, DAT, VOB, MPG, FLV, WMV, and MKV. The Karaoke program can play MP3+CDG, MP3+LRC, and MP3+XML file combinations with ease. This app can play all types of music files, and it has a song list with the ability to turn on and off the prompted list in order to play other lists normally. For male, female, and duet songs, a distinct colored lyric is frequently supported. It is only compatible with Windows and is a completely free utility with a user-friendly interface for your music.

iStar Karaoke

IStar is one of the best free Karaoke software for Mac, with the ability to run various types of audio files with ease. Not only can you import music from your music player, but you can also make playlists based on your preferences. You can also import multimedia files from a variety of sources without any limits. IStar is one of those easy-to-use Karaoke programs that you don’t want to overlook.


Oke Oke is another free Karaoke program with superb media playback capabilities. It has file management capabilities as well as the ability to record and distribute files. Once you’ve finished recording a song, you may save it as an MP3 file and share it with others using one of your online account folders. It provides a Google-style search engine to assist you in rapidly locating the song or file name.


QMIDI is without a doubt one of the best Mac Karaoke players. It allows you to edit chords and words for the tracks you want to fit your needs. The QMIDI V2.0 software allows you to play your favorite music in a consecutive manner.  You can easily change the tempo of the music, as well as toggle the playback and other controls. It makes it simple to coordinate and synchronize text and chords. Pitch alterations may be made in real-time, and the program even allows for the presentation of Karaoke on a second monitor.

Karaoke Player

Another great Karaoke software for Windows PC is Karaoke Player. Despite the fact that the UI is not particularly user-friendly, the software can be used without difficulty. The sound production is excellent, and the lyrics are in harmony with the music and the screen. You may always create your own MIDI and Kar-compatible music library. It is completely free and compatible with Windows XP and Vista.

KMid v2.4.0

KMID is yet another useful Karaoke tool for PC that allows you to easily play media and Karaoke files. It allows you to easily change the pace, pitch, and volume of the music files you’re listening to. Based on your requirements, you can encode character combinations, font, and color for lyrics. KMid v2.4.0 also includes graphic players for the piano (a Pianola) and a variety of other instruments. It includes a media metronome, instrument selections, and a number of software synthesizers.


KJams is a Mac-based Karaoke program that is similar to iTunes in many aspects. With this program, you can adjust your voice using a variety of management options. Attach the playlist at showtime, and the file will start running on its own. The dual-window mode allows you to open the lyrics in a separate window so you can simply refer to them while singing. KJams are mostly utilized in pubs, clubs, and discotheques for commercial purposes. It can play all the major music file types, including CDG, MKV, MP4, FLV, ASF, VOB, and RMVB. You can choose songs using the cognitive spelling selection mode.


TunePrompter is a Karaoke software that works on both Windows and Mac computers. It’s a really user-friendly platform, and syncing is straightforward. It accepts files in MP3 format. It does its own search for lyrics. TunePromoter was originally created to work with Griffin Technologies’ iKaraoke hardware, which has since been discontinued, but you can still use it to make your own video files. You may also export them to iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, and QuickTime, and then burn the results to your disc whenever and anywhere you choose.

Selectatrack Burner

Selectatrack burner allows you to generate CDG karaoke discs with MP3+G files in no time. This software only works with Windows Vista/7/8/10 and has a large music library. To generate more beautiful music and sing your songs more efficiently, you can toggle among a variety of music and other options. This free Karaoke program gives you a lot more options, including synthesizers and equalizers.


This simple Karaoke software is compatible with both Windows and Mac. You can store and play songs in a variety of file types. It’s a fantastic synchronizer, and the lines are well-timed. It can let you transpose many texts using instant messaging, as well as transfer video files, jingles, applause, and a variety of equalizers. It can create files in the following formats: MIDI, MP3, K5, and MP4.

One Karaoke

Are you a fan of singing? Are you looking for a way to communicate your feelings? You’ve come to the right place; here’s one of the best free karaoke apps that will come in handy. One Karaoke is a completely free program for Windows users to express themselves.

Karaoke Anywhere

The Karaoke Anywhere app allows you to download free songs from a large library, as well as record, mix, and publish your performance on social media platforms including as Twitter, Facebook, and iTunes. Host a Karaoke party and listen to MP3+G files anywhere. You may quickly transfer files from your computer or iPad into this app, then sit back and relax.


Lyrx is the second greatest free karaoke program for Windows and Mac. It supports high-quality karaoke file formats and instantly imports your iTunes playlist. It features filters and effects that give the song a lovely touch. Doesn’t it sound fantastic? Lyrx is a brand-new karaoke program that promises to match the demands of the modern world.


With Smule, you can not only sing but also compose music. Many free songs with appropriate music and lyrics are accessible. Pitch changes, music videos, and as many graphic effects as you desire are all possible. This program allows you to apply a variety of filters to your movies, giving them a professional look. Every day, new songs are added to this karaoke platform.

ARIA Karaoke

Only the iOS platform supports ARIA (3.1 or later). It can be used in DJ or scratch mode. ARIA is the friendliest, most user-friendly program for displaying lyrics on your screen. It has a huge music collection. You may also share the app with up to six members of your family. It may be utilized on two monitors at the same time. It contains some of the best editing features, and a number of its settings are pretty interesting.


Our impulses to become someone or do something frequently necessitate a gentle prod, one that is both innocuous and beneficial in a variety of ways. These 21 free Karaoke programs for Windows and Mac can improve the lives of singers, broaden the horizons of dreamers, and put a smile on the faces of those who slog through the day and yearn to sing a song at night.

Take a look at them; most of them will meet your preferences and requirements. For a little while, install one of these Karaoke apps on your device and forget about the pain of living in the now.

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