15 Best Free Hashtag Generator Tools for Social Media 2022

Best Hashtag Generator

To increase your social media followers on Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, TikTok, and Pinterest, use the best free hashtag generator tools. Do you realize that having a well-thought-out hashtag strategy is crucial to your social media success?

We forget how easy social media has made it to contact people since we live in an age of no approval. Your posts will spread the news instead of handing out leaflets since the entire world has become a neighborhood.

There are no alternatives to free hashtag generator tools when it comes to developing Instagram accounts, with more automated growth tools like BigBangram assuring 40-50 new followers per day and more organically-approaching tools like FanBump staying close to 150-1,000 new followers per month.

With the best free Hashtag Generator Tools 2021, you may save time by eliminating time spent on inactive accounts, identifying your target audience, and presenting your information or product to individuals who will be interested in it.

What are the Best Social Media Hashtag Generator Tools?

As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the 15 best free hashtag generator 2021 tools to assist you.


This is by far the safest Instagram hashtag generator Tool for attracting dozens of new followers every day while appearing natural. A mapped-out analytics dashboard, clever hashtag algorithm, customer success manager, and growth-focused engine are all part of this sophisticated interface.

HashtagsForLikes is a platform with a variety of adjustable features that will increase your follower count and push your content closer to the top of the trending feed. It may be set up to assess the audience preference of your posts, examine the quality of your current hashtags and suggest better alternatives, generate a large library of useful tags, and adapt to whatever topic you choose.


They have two subscription plans, one for a monthly membership and the other for a weekly subscription. The regular plan is $19 each week, and the pro plan costs $25, which is extremely fair when compared to other Instagram growth companies that charge considerably more and give much less.



Instagram Hashtags is a feature that includes over 34,000 pages with 72 different hashtags, totaling about 2,5 billion hashtags in a sea of hundreds of themes. There is documented data on how many photos contain that hashtag under each hashtag.

When you click on one of these hashtags, a library of posts using that hashtag appears. You get a mix of different countries, levels of popularity, and content styles, and it all adds up to an infinite source of inspiration.

You’ll see popular, trending posts with your tag in the captions, giving you insight into other hashtags they’ve mixed with the one you’ve searched for. You can take inspiration from their postings and incorporate caption design, presentation style, topic ideas, and more into your own content.


This tool is completely free to use.



When you type a hashtag or a term into the search box, it brings up a window with a list of comparable hashtags from the various instances of posts from other accounts. This way, you can see what other people are using in their captions in conjunction with your hashtag.

You can follow them or simply get in touch with someone of mutual interest by clicking on their photo and opening their post feed in a new tab. Because you’re in the same industry, you can acquire ideas from their account or be introduced to their social circle.

All of the searched keywords will be highlighted, allowing you to identify them from the rest of the postings and compare them to the other tags used in the caption. This powerful application allows you to track mentions, URLs, and keywords.


Hashatit is a free service.


You don’t need any money to give Hashatit a shot; all you need is the desire to expand your social media profile.


Based on your profile goals and search query, All-Hashtag offers Top, Random, Live, and Similar hashtag choices. Top Hashtags can help you find the most popular hashtags based on your keywords. These tags may not be related to the content, but they do have a connection that will help you improve your post by increasing the popularity of your caption.

By evaluating articles from various niche sub-genres and random post feeds, Random Hashtags suggests tags relating to your specialty. In other users’ posts, Live Hashtags produce tags that are utilized in conjunction with your keywords.

Similar Hashtags act as a second deck of cards. You can get a different set of hashtag recommendations for each keyword by clicking on it. The Hashtag Generator presents you with a list of the top 30 tag recommendations for your search, separated into categories, along with additional options based on your preferences.


This program is absolutely free to use.



Kicksta is the finest alternative to buying followers, likes, and engagement directly. It promotes the growth of an account by allowing users to like it. This isn’t a disadvantage because it eliminates the intrusive follow/unfollow approach and the time-consuming phony accounts it can generate.

It strikes the mark when it comes to targeting the relevant accounts, meticulously compiling a list of the most inquisitive users of your material, and tastefully attracting them. Kicksta features a cutting-edge hashtag search engine that filters tag ideas into three categories: Top, Random, and Best Match.

This user-friendly interface includes a powerful targeting algorithm, a dashboard that shows you everything you need to know about your posts and targets, and a comprehensive blog with step-by-step instructions for all your Instagram goals, among other things.



Kicksta is simple and dependable for organic growth with spam accounts blocked away. There is no reason not to give them a try, given their effectiveness and extensive history of social media strategy on their site, as well as a 14-day free trial.

Mr. Insta

Mr. Insta provides you with high-quality Instagram followers, likes, and comments that are customized for you. You must first log in to activate your account, after which you will be given Instagram accounts to follow that are relevant to you.

The profiles will be created based on your interests, but you can remove any of them from the list that you do not wish to follow. After that, your free plan will be enabled, and Mr.Insta will offer you 25 new, genuine followers within 12 hours.

Their service is guaranteed, and you can repeat the process as many times as you like after 12 hours. It implies you can continue to expand your Instagram account without restriction. You can purchase free likes, comments, or more followers by joining one of Mr.monthly Insta’s programs.


There are two daily follower plans and two automatic liker plans. For daily followers, there is a free service and a monthly membership, and the same is true for automatic likes. What’s even better is that you can gain 25 new followers or 20 likes for free in just 12 hours, and you can repeat the procedure as many times as you like.


Get the service for $20 each month, which would normally cost hundreds of dollars with less powerful generators. Give them a try if you want to see consistent development on your Instagram profile, and you’ll be hooked.


By entering your term, URL, or photo into its search engine, you can develop the most attention-grabbing hashtags. To build the best tag combinations that will grab the attention of the trending algorithm, you can filter the suggested tags by difficulty or popularity.

It uses its advanced targeting filters to find and contact accounts that are most likely to be interested in your content. They attest to the success of the follow-up strategy. You make the decision, and the tool takes care of the rest, resulting in an influx of mutual likes.


There are two pricing plans available. The Pro-Direct Messaging Program (1 month) is the first option, and the High-Speed Mode is the second (2 weeks).



The program generates the best thirty tag ideas for your post once you search for your keywords. Sistrix has precise data on 7,7 million hashtags, which are further divided into nearly 15 billion possible tag combinations. This database is kept up to date with the most recent statistics.

You can run up to 25 queries per day before reaching your daily limit and having to join up to utilize the tool again. At the bottom of the homepage, you’ll find a list of the most popular Instagram tags. There’s a free trial button beneath it. It’s a chance to try out the tool for 14 days, completely free.


Because Sistrix is primarily an SEO optimization firm, the hashtag generator’s price will vary depending on whatever SEO monthly program you select. Sistrix monthly packages are typically priced at 100€.



The tagmentor is a hashtag generator that is extremely user-friendly, and it has been modified several times in order to keep on top of the Instagram growth tool business. It assists you in identifying and targeting the specific demographic that would be most helpful to you, while also increasing your exposure through a genuine following, significant comments, and regular likes.

This free site gathers data from often updated databases on Instagram tags, Instagram stories, Tag analytics, and other topics to assist people and businesses in strategizing their marketing efforts using the most trustworthy sources. When determining the credibility of published data, they work with a number of reputable data sources and research associates.


The Tagmentor is completely free to use.



Tailwind’s search hashtag generator will present you with a tailored set of ideas for each new article, no matter how similar your posts are or how rehashed your tags are. The tag recommendations are organized into competitive, specialty, and best categories, ready to fuel your scroll-stopping pieces.

Tailwind allows content to be auto-posted and tags are added to the first comment of the post. You can disseminate the tags automatically through the first comments and clean out your captions if you don’t want your post feed to be cluttered. You can make hashtag lists and save them for later use.

To get access to enterprise and agency tools like full profile reporting, influencer campaigns, industry trends, a content discovery engine, and dedicated support, you can contact Tailwind directly.




Based on the photo, URL, or keyword you sampled, AI technology generates a hashtag generator categorized by popularity, activity, and difficulty. This technology will completely automate the growth of your business. Your profile’s success is guaranteed with the Target Growth Feature, Hashtag Generator, Instagram CRM, Instagram Search, Direct Messenger, Scheduled Posting, and Profile Analyzer.

These are some of the tools on your dashboard that will assist you in: Module Direct – Set up a Direct Chat for many accounts, navigate bulk messaging and auto-replies, label users, leave notes and contact information, and set up automated FAQ responses. Create a publishing schedule for your posts and stories.

You can preview and test multiple tag sets per post thanks to the auto-updated description. Profile Analyzer-Monitor and assess your competitors’ marketing strategies, as well as your own performance. Analyze the engagement rate on a weekly basis and compare it to the other ways.




Photerloo uses machine learning to capture the spirit of your postings by recommending hashtags that are the most relevant to and best describe your sampled photo. Simply drag and drop your photo into the hashtag generator, and the generator will generate a set of hashtags based on the topic of your photo that will generate the greatest engagement.

If you upload a portrait photo of a woman, for example, you’ll get observation tag options like # woman, # portrait, # smile, # girl, and so on. The same photo will then be filtered to give you more particular hashtags based on the theme, narrowing down your target demographic. # eyebrowsonpoint, # girlswhorun, # girlstalk, and so on are some examples.


This hashtag generator is available for free.



You can search up to ten hashtags at once, and you’ll get a list of tag ideas that will help your post get the greatest attention. You can refine your search ideas by country or location to cater to the trending feed that is relevant to your target audience.

Once you’ve been featured in your community, it’s much easier to become known as a trending influencer in your field. According to the tags most usually used alongside your search tags in post captions, Related Hashtags will give you the top 30 options based on your search query.

These are long-term tags, and they may or may not correspond to the intended theme. Similar hashtag generator shows you tags that have the same word base as the searched tag, and you may choose from the top 30 results.


Tagsfinder is a completely free service.


This program considers your niche, current trending tags, and current location to determine the most enticing captions that will bring in new followers wherever you go. Take a look at them.


Historical Data, Growth Tracking, One-Click Mass Export, Key Metrics, and Unlimited Reporting are just a few of Seekmetrics’ amazing features. As a demo version, you can utilize their Hashtag Generator Tool for free.

They want to provide you keywords with a wide reach and a low level of difficulty to employ. You get an endless number of tag suggestions based on the keyword topic you searched for. You can get a 12-month search volume history for every word with Historical Search Volume, and they’ll tell you if a word is on a positive or negative trend.




Based on your photographs, posts, and phrases, the Instavast hashtag generator, the most intelligent hashtag idea. You can upload a photo, enter the URL of your article, or search for a keyword, and the generator will propose the best options for you. It will automate your Instagram activities, including liking, posting, following, unfollowing, commenting, and direct messaging. Smart Targeting automates the process of attracting only the most relevant and beneficial accounts.

It allows you to customize the activity and define the target audience. Their privacy policy ensures complete anonymity, so you won’t have to worry about anyone finding out you’re using the program. Statistics & Analytics provide you with thorough insights into the performance of your postings, as well as the ability to identify repetitive automated behavior in order to avoid IG warnings.


The Instagram Bot, Auto DM, Comment Tracker, and Post Scheduler are all paid individually, with the Insta Bot costing $15 per month for one account and $10 for the other.


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