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Top 10 Best Food Tracker Apps That Works In 2022


Food tracker app, My Fitness Pal

MyFitnessPal makes logging breakfast, lunch, dinner, and afternoon snacks simple with its database of over 6 million foods and over 4 million food barcodes. My FitnessPal provides information on calories, fat, protein, carbs, sugar, fibre, cholesterol, and vitamins using powerful metrics. It’s simple to plan your meals ahead of time and stick to your nutritional goals. This is one of the best food tracker app in 2021.

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See How You Eat

Food tracking app, See How You Eat

Instead of typing a daily log of your meals, take a picture. Health Revolution Ltd’s See How You Eat app is based on the idea that seeing what you eat can help you make better dietary choices. This food-tracking app is exactly what it claims to be. This is one of the best food tracker app in 2021. It allows you to visually record your meals without the need for complicated calorie or macronutrient calculations. You can also share photos on social media with ease.

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Food tracker app, MyPlate Calorie Tracker

When it comes to eating, we all have the best of intentions. Hunger, life, crazy schedules, and cravings, on the other hand, frequently get in the way. MyPlate by Livestrong.com is a food-tracking app that allows you to set customised macro and micronutrient goals as well as get a full dietary analysis of the food you’re eating.

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Protein Tracker

Food tracker app, Protein Tracker

Protein Tracker, as the name suggests, keeps track of how much protein you consume. This food tracking app calculates how much protein you eat each day and displays the percentage of your daily protein goal, as well as a historical view over time, after you enter your daily protein goals. This is one of the best food tracker app in 2021.

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Food tracking app, Fooducate - Nutrition Tracker

When it comes to eating, it’s not just about the calories, but also about the quality of your food. Fooducate, a subsidiary of Fooducate LTD, offers a comprehensive database of 300,000 supermarket foods. Scan the barcode with your smartphone camera to get a detailed nutritional breakdown of added sugars, trans fats, high-fructose corn syrup, food coloring, GMOs, additives, preservatives, and artificial sweeteners. Enter your weight, age, and fitness goals to customize your tracking.

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Keep It Simple and Make It Useful: Stupid Simple Macro Tracker

Food tracker app Stupid Simple Macro Tracker

If you’re having trouble counting your macros, Venn Interactive’s Stupid Simple Macro Tracker can help. This is one of the best food tracker app in 2021. This app tracks your fat, protein, and carb levels in addition to what you eat.  Create your own macro levels and label them with food icons to make logging your daily macros a breeze.

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Ultimate Food Value Diary

Food tracker app Ultimate Food Value Diary

The Ultimate Food Value Diary, by Fenlander Software Solutions, Ltd, tracks exercise, weight, and measurements in addition to food. The standard macronutrients of protein, carbs, fat, and fibre are used in this food app to calculate food values using calorific values.


Food tracker app, Lifesum

Lifesum is a food-tracking app based on the idea that small habits can add up to big results when it comes to achieving nutritional goals. Lifesum includes barcode scanning and macro tracking to see your daily nutrition and calories, as well as a comprehensive list of recipes and meal plans.

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iTrackBites food tracker app

When you start tracking your food, you’ll quickly notice that what you think you’re eating doesn’t always match up with what you actually eat. To help you see how close you are to your nutritional goals, iTrackBites uses a point system.

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MyNetDiary PRO Calorie Counter

Control my weight calorie counter

This app for scanning food for calories allows you to scan the barcodes on your food and instantly calculate your calorie intake. MND claims to have a database of over 988,000 foods, which is quite impressive.  It outperforms most other diet apps because it includes a community forum where you can interact with other users who want to share tips, motivation, and recipe ideas. This is an excellent tool for those who are constantly on the move.

What is the most accurate calorie counter app?

While no app will ever be completely accurate, the best ones will be in the 99 percent range.When it comes to calculating super precise amounts, it’s difficult to avoid a little human error. Even the most accurate calorie counting app is only as accurate as you make it – if you want to keep a close eye on your calorie intake, you’ll have to be more precise. Looking for a more lenient assessment? Estimates can help you figure out how much you’re eating and where it’s coming from.

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Which calorie counter app is most accurate?

While no app is going to be 100% accurate, the best ones are going to be around 99%. It’s tricky to not factor in a little human error when it comes to calculating super precise amounts. Even the best calorie counting app will only be as accurate as you make it – if you’re trying to keenly track your calorie intake, you’ll need to be more precise. Looking for a looser evaluation? Estimates can give you a good idea of how much you’re eating and from what sources.


Calorie counter apps must have a free version with enough features to make them useful and worthwhile to use to be considered for this list. We also thought about the food database and whether or not it had a barcode scanner for quick entry. Apps that track calories from popular restaurants and grocery store items received special consideration. Finally, we looked at several online reviews and customer ratings to get a better understanding of how the best food tracker app is used on a daily basis.

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