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5 Best Currency Converter APIs In 2022

best currency converter

This post will explain best currency converter. An application interface that permits precise currency conversion and exchange is what a currency exchange API essentially is. Additionally, real-time forex API offers a variety of currencies and data sources to give you access to both current and historical rates, enabling you to trade successfully.

You might be shocked to learn that there are a number of quick-access paid and free currency APIs. The top 5 best free currency converter APIs are discussed in this blog.

5 Best Currency Converter APIs In 2022

In this article, you can know about best currency converter here are the details below;

Prior to this, banks were the only places to convert your currency. You may now access the best paid and free currency converter API thanks to the development of technology. In essence, they are application interfaces designed in JSON, XML, or CSV to provide correct currency conversions.

Having an accurate and dependable currency converter API is crucial for any worldwide business because currency values fluctuate daily. Here are the top 5 APIs for currency exchange that are suggested.

1. Fixer


One of the most highly recommended APIs for 2022 is Fixer. It is a straightforward, compact API that utilises the JSON file format. For real-time FX API, businesses like Microsoft, Samsung, Instacart, and Bershka rely on this.

Fixer is safe and reliable because it has more than six years of expertise offering trustworthy data sources and is the best source for real-time exchange rates. They provide information from banks including the European Central Bank and financial data providers. Also check business tools

Additionally, they provide you with the most recent 60-second conversion rate for more than 170 different currencies. Depending on the services you require, Fixer offers both free API and commercial alternatives with detailed documentation and historical data.

2. Currency API

Currency API

This is another best currency converter. You can flawlessly manage your current and historical foreign exchange rates with the aid of Currency API, which supports over 170 different currencies. Additionally, Currency API provides you with a free API key that entitles you to 300 bonus credits each month.

Additionally, this API allows you to obtain cryptocurrency conversions. This interface provides real-time foreign currency rates and refreshes itself every 60 seconds using the JSON REST API. You cannot go wrong with conversions from the Currency API because it is a reliable infrastructure that manages millions of queries every day.

It is dependable and simple to use, as seen by the use of their service by organisations like Coca-Cola, Heineken, SAP, and Fossil. As a result, they provide you with premium service, quick responses, bank-level assistance, and reliable data sources. Although you can utilise their free currency API, their reasonably priced subscription platforms will yield the best results.

3. Currency Layer API

Currency Layer API

Currencylayer tries to supply currency pairs in a JSON format that is universally usable and compatible with all of your apps by providing a straightforward REST API with accurate and timely exchange rates for 168 global currencies. This is another best currency converter. Also check  link building tools

Spot exchange rate data is gathered in real-time from a number of important forex websites, verified, evaluated, and provided hourly, every minute, or within the trading window of 60 seconds.

The currency layer API offers the most accurate forex market price (referred to as the “midpoint” value) for each API request, powering currency converters, mobile apps, financial system software, and back-office equipment all around the world.

4. XE


This is another best currency converter. One of the most reputable currency authority in the world, XE, lets you check real currency values. XE offers historical and current currency rates as well as a travel expenses calculator, and it is used by reputable businesses like Shopify, Vista Print, Clear Books, and Xero.

Additionally, the currency converter and calculator is quick and accurate, updating its currency rates every 60 seconds. XE is a well-known member of Euronet Worldwide and a formidable leader in currency exchange with more than 25 years of expertise.

5. IBAN– Forex Reference Suite


The best automated currency conversion API is IBAN’s Forex Reference Suite, a SAAS service. It offers information from dependable sources, like central banks and authorities.

Additionally, the currency rate is updated every 10 minutes to give you access to real-time FX information. You have access to more than 154 different currencies, and it gives you conversions that are current and take market swings into account. This is another best currency converter.

Additionally, the API is protected by HHTPS, which guarantees your privacy and safeguards your data.

To Conclude

Although Fixer is among the top 5, these are the top 5 currency converter APIs. For real-time currency conversion, it makes advantage of the lightweight and straightforward JSON API. It is safe and dependable due to the committed assistance and bank-level security it provides. Also check tiktok analytics tools

It is also the best free currency converter API because it provides historical data as well as hourly updates. You may also want to take your budget, corporate requirements, update frequency, and data sources into account when selecting your currency converter API.

Additionally, look for APIs that offer you reliable information and customer service and that support at least 150 or more currencies.

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