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20 Best CricHD Alternatives For Sports Streaming in 2021

Are you looking for the Best CricHD Alternatives For Sports Streaming in 2021? Today, sports are no longer limited to TV screens; they are now available on a variety of sports streaming websites, allowing anyone to watch their favorite sport to their heart’s content. Many websites are available for online live streaming of sports. is the most popular and well-known, as it streams free live cricket. Today, this site receives a large number of visitors from all over the world. However, when viewing the content for free on this site, one risks being directed to illegal resources, which is a disadvantage of this site.

CricHD is among the most well-known platforms for live sports streaming. It is visited by millions of people each month. Apart from cricket, fans can watch a variety of international sports. Among the sports that can be streamed are football, basketball, baseball, boxing, rugby, the National Football League, cycling, volleyball, and darts.

Additionally, CricHD provides a free high-definition stream of your favourite event. Apart from these sports, a variety of channels are available, including BT Sport, Sky Sports, Star Sports, Fox Sports, Ten Cricket, Ten Sport, and Ten Action.

20 Best CricHD Alternatives – Sites like CricHD

CricHD Alternatives that you can use for live sports streaming.



SonyLiv is ranked first on our list of the best CricHD alternatives. While SonyLiv is positioned as an all-encompassing entertainment destination, it also broadcasts live sports, including cricket. With its simple interface, you can easily stream high-quality live T20, ODI, and test matches. This app is capable of streaming movies, professional wrestling (WWE), football, and even the enormously popular NBA (American Basketball). Additionally, you can browse their catalogue to compile a list of programs to watch in advance. In general, SonyLiv promises a straightforward and wholesome experience.



In high definition, watch all of your sporting events. Sportlemon is a one-stop shop for sports fans who want to watch live matches at any time, from any location, and on any internet-enabled device. The site is divided into various sports categories, which you can browse at your leisure. Additionally, this CricHD Alternative website is completely free to use and requires no registration or personal information.



Hotstar, an Indian premium streaming service, provides exceptional service for the majority of sports. Due to the fact that Hotstar is only available in India, you will need a VPN to conceal your IP address and re-direct it to India in order to use it. It is compatible with the majority of devices. Apart from cricket, you can watch a variety of sports, international news, and a selection of films.



Crackstreams, another user-friendly online platform, offers high-quality content at an affordable price. This website will undoubtedly appeal to fans of combat sports such as MMA and boxing. Basketball and American football are also covered by Crackstreams. Utilize a VPN to protect yourself from unwanted trouble. Additionally, by using a VPN, you can conceal your IP address while streaming and using this CricHD Alternative site.



It is designed for sports enthusiasts who wish to watch their favourite events from any location. Sport365 is a web and mobile application that enables you to watch all of your favourite live sports events, including football, baseball, and basketball. Sport365 is a CricHD alternative that offers all of the same features as CricHD, including high-quality streaming, live chat, and notifications. Additionally, it supports over thirty languages and is accessible from any location on Earth.



CricFree provides streaming access to high-quality rugby, golf, and baseball content. The platform is simple to navigate. From the extensive list of options on the home page, you can stream any sport you want. Additionally, CricFree is legal to stream. Advertisements are a minor annoyance, but they are unattractive and easily avoided.



FirstRowSports is a contemporary sports streaming website that enables you to watch all games and stream live sports streaming channels from around the world. In comparison to CricHD, it is quite fast and provides an intuitive interface for exploring and streaming. Additionally, this CricHD Alternative website features a chat room where you can communicate with other sports fans and exchange ideas. You do not need to register to use it; simply navigate to the site, find your favourite channel or game, and begin streaming.



In addition to football and cricket, Stream2watch lets you watch tennis, basketball, baseball, and even hockey. Ji As a result, similar to CricHD, this site is extremely versatile and appealing to the vast majority of sports fans. To put it mildly, the site’s high-definition image quality is remarkable. The disadvantage of Stream2watch is that it contains intrusive advertisements. While an onslaught of advertisements may discourage you from streaming from this site, keep in mind that you are utilising a completely free utility.

VIPBox Sports


Prior to 2016, VIPBox was one of the earliest online streaming platforms. They even support seven different languages, making them accessible to a global audience. They broadcast the majority of major events and maintain a variety of operational links to the matches. Always use a VPN and keep an eye on their URL, as it changes frequently. Another distinguishing feature of this site, similar to CricHD, is the search bar, which enables you to enter and search for a specific event rather than browsing through lists.



Batmanstream is the fastest-growing live sports streaming site, built for sports fans who want to watch live events in high-quality without being bothered by advertisements. This CricHD Alternative site features a straightforward and user-friendly interface that allows you to freely stream and share links with others. Additionally, Batmanstream provides a variety of services, such as social sharing, recommendation, and live chat with friends, to enhance your streaming experience.


FromHot is a highly customizable platform that streams the majority of sports broadcast on television. To appeal to the broadest possible audience, they stream both extremely popular and lesser-known events on their website. The homepage features an easy-to-understand list of events that are being streamed. Additionally, FromHot is ideal for viewers who are pressed for time, as it does not require users to sign in in order to view their content.


BossCast provides an enormous amount of content and even allows you to filter it by channel. On the left-hand side of the home page, you can select a channel to stream your event from a list of options, including ESPN, Sky Sports, and others. However, Bosscast is notorious for infecting computers with malware and viruses, so make sure your anti-virus software is up to date and running when visiting this site, such as CricHD. Additionally, we recommend that you keep your VPN enabled, as the content on Bosscast is illegitimate.


Time4TV is a contemporary CricHD alternative that boasts a number of advanced features that set it apart from the competition. It is exclusively a sports streaming website where you can easily find and watch any sporting event as well as browse sports channels. The site is completely free and features HD video and audio.

Time4TV maintains a separate tab for the most recent soccer, cricket, and other live game scores, which are updated on a minute-by-minute basis. Additionally, you can disable on-site goal notifications. It is not necessary to log in; simply visit the site and begin streaming.


Additionally, MyP2P is a free live sports streaming website. By attending, you can watch your favorite sporting event. They provide high-definition video. You can watch your favorite sporting event live from any location and at any time. Due to its simplicity of use, it has the potential to attract a large number of people. It provides access to a variety of sports, including boxing, football, and tennis. It is entirely free.



Laola1 is your one-stop shop for all things sports, athletic and recreational. You will receive multiple videos of individual sports and games in high audio and video quality. You can access an exclusive collection of sports channels and live matches on this CricHD alternative website. It is widely accepted worldwide and includes content from all sports. Additionally, it is a well-organized website that offers both free streaming and other sports-related services.



FuboTV is an excellent alternative to CricHD for watching live sports and television channels on the internet via DVR.It is one of the most popular websites in the United States for watching live matches and sports television channels. It is not, however, available in every country. Additionally, it is ideal for sports like soccer, football, boxing, and Formula One.


RedStreamSport is a feature-rich online sports streaming service. It features a sizable collection of videos and links to other live streams, allowing users to access a variety of different live streaming services. You can easily watch live TV and stream other channels without registering. To use all of its features, however, the user must first register on this website. After that, you can watch HD videos with a single click. This CricHD alternative is a lightning-fast website with straightforward tabs. However, the user’s internet connection has an effect on the quality and speed of loading.



StreamWoop is accessible online via the world’s most comprehensive streaming index. Live streams, replays, and highlights of popular matches and tournaments, as well as the live score and other news/updates, are available here. You can register on this website to receive regular notifications and alerts about upcoming and ongoing sporting events. It is a multilingual platform that is completely free to use. It is not a self-contained website. It primarily serves as a repository for links to various websites and channels that are accessible to users.



Another site similar to CricHD that excels at delivering sports-related content. StopStream is the best choice for live streaming sports matches in a variety of different categories. Additionally, it offers live television channels for viewing a variety of sporting events. This goATDee alternative is available from any location on the planet.


If you enjoy watching sports and games and are looking for a safe way to stream them online, StreamHunter is the site for you. In comparison to other streaming services, it offers the most customizable and seamless features. You are not required to pay or subscribe to this website in order to stream matches and live channels. It is backward compatible with all devices, regardless of their operating system version. You can stream your favorite matches or tournaments from anywhere in the world.


Watching sports live has become popular in recent years; the days of watching television have passed us by. Rather than that, everyone watches sports on their smartphones and takes advantage of the free and convenient services offered by various websites and platforms. Regrettably, there are so many websites that offer free streaming that it’s difficult to pick just one. As a result, the list above includes some of the best websites for the purpose. 

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