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3 Best Apps like Viggle To Earn Money by Watching Videos

Apps like Viggle

The Top 3 Viggle Alternatives Apps for Making Money from Videos. Apps similar to Viggle Have you ever desired to use your spare time to earn rewards? Do you have a passion for the entertainment business and want to use it as a way to make money?

3 Best Apps like Viggle To Earn Money by Watching Videos

In this article, you can know about Viggle Alternatives here are the details below;

Users of the Viggle platform are rewarded for interacting with their preferred entertainment. They can check out live TV programming and streaming content from Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu. Additionally, users earn points by streaming their preferred entertainment content, which they can then redeem for actual benefits.

Even though Viggle seems like a wonderful deal, there are other apps that are comparable to Viggle that can provide you more options.

Do you want to learn about additional applications like Viggle, then? Then, we strongly advise you to read the article below that contains our list of Viggle alternatives.


Android apps like Viggle for Adscend Media LLC is the developer of the HideoutTV app. It is one of the finest Viggle alternatives since it enables you to accumulate points that can be converted into money, gift cards, and other items.

You can earn points simply by watching the platform’s content. All users of HideoutTV are allegedly provided with a superior viewing experience to watch their hand-selected video content from some incredible content producers.

It is a method for learning new things, seeing some interactive material, and interacting with the producers of the stuff you appreciate. Additionally, it offers exclusive, high-quality content that is difficult to find on other platforms.

You can select from a expansive scope of themes, such as music videos, mouthwatering recipes, adorable animals, and even celebrity news, depending on what you believe would be of interest to you.

Additionally, HideoutTV has over 10,000 downloads despite receiving below-average reviews on the Google Play Store.

Key Features

Suitable for Android


Dabbl Apps like Viggle iOS Android Dabbl is an app that Adjoy Inc. makes available for free installation. It enables you to use your spare time to earn benefits like gift cards from retailers like Walmart, Starbucks, Disney, Target, and Amazon, among many other intriguing companies.

Dabbl advertises prospects for quick money. You can earn issues that can be traded for actual goodies by simply completing wall activities, watching films, answering amusing questions, and taking a few quick surveys.

The best feature of the app is that you can watch various content and carry out various tasks according to your schedule. It states that between 2018 and 2022, consumers made over $3 million.

If you have more free time, try large surveys and puzzles; if you only have a little while to kill, view one or two movies.

On the Google Play Store, the app has earned over 3000 ratings, with an average rating of 3.4. It garnered over 3000 reviews and a 4 out of 5 rating the App Store.

Key Features

Compatible with iOS and Android


One of the top Viggle competitors for iOS and Android is Bituro, which is created by Bituro LLC. Users can do a few quick activities that are updated frequently on offer walls to earn points that can be redeemed for PayPal, gift cards, bitcoins, and ethers.

You can either select projects from their offer walls or have them expressly sent to you by email, Facebook, or Twitter on your smartphone. Perform uncomplicated tasks to gain points that can be redeemed in any way.

While all countries are able to redeem points using bitcoins, ethereum tokens, and PayPal, only Americans can use Google Play, Target, and Amazon gift cards.

It has adverts but can be downloaded for free from the Google PlayStore & AppStore.

Additionally, it has a 4.1 overall rating and over 9000 votes in the Google Play store, indicating positive customer feedback. It has a modest amount of popularity on the App Store but a fantastic overall rating of 4.5.

Key Features

Support for iOS and Android

Final Thoughts

It’s not a good bargain to provide any app access to your generic but private information in exchange for gift cards. Viggle and the similar apps listed in the aforementioned article aren’t even close to being known as cheaters or con artists.

Even though they may not all be well-known, they all provide very secure platforms for you to earn points. Furthermore, no third party will ever purchase your private information, which is instead kept on secure servers for future use.

To sum up, it is safe and secure for you to attempt and earn free points using Viggle and the aforementioned alternatives. Customers believe that it has never been so simple to reward others based on the favorable evaluations for all of the apps.

We therefore hope that after reading our list of the top applications similar to Viggle, you will try them all out if Viggle isn’t working for you.

Questions and Answers

Is Viggle a reliable app?

Over 121,000 people have voted for it on the Google Play store, despite the fact that it only has an average rating of 3.3. Although the number of users does not imply that the app is particularly good, it may indicate that it has something intriguing that makes it worthwhile to try.

How does Viggle work?

You only need to install the app and start by making a free account to utilize Viggle. You can view your favorite entertainment programs and films from well-known providers like Hulu, Amazon, Netflix, and more on the offer wall to earn points. These points can also be traded for rewards in the real world.

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