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Top 8 Best Amazon PPC Softwares In 2022

Amazon PPC Softwares

Trying to find the best Amazon PPC software? You’ve come to the correct spot since I’ve compiled a list of some of the greatest Amazon PPC softwares on the market. You can effortlessly manage your Amazon PPC campaigns with Amazon PPC software. It will help you save time and money. So you won’t bear to pay a fortune handling Amazon PPC advertising. Many PPC administration tools are available to give you a competitive advantage based on your target clients.

That is why I keep created this list of the finest Amazon PPC software and tools to assist you in determining which will be best for you in the long run.

Top 8 Best Amazon PPC Softwares In 2022

In this article, you can know about amazon ppc softwares here are the details below;

1. Adtomic by 10 Helium’s


Helium’s Adtomic is the most highly recommended PPC research for Amazon sellers. Seven-figure Amazon sellers like Kevin King and Tatina James suggest Helium 10 to Amazon sellers.

Helium 10 is unquestionably a one-stop shop for Amazon merchants. Adtomic, a new AI-powered Amazon PPC management solution, was recently released. Adtomic makes managing complex Amazon PPC campaigns a breeze. It bases its plans on information gathered from professional Amazon merchants.

It provides various templates to help you easily design your Amazon campaigns. You also receive some more AI functions, such as Keyword Bid Management. With its automatic term suggestions, this function saves you hours of keyword research. You have access to over 23 tools with Helium 10 that can help you expand your business to the next level. This is another amazon ppc softwares. Also check facility management software

The Adtomic tool is unrestricted with the Diamond, Elite, and Helium 10 packages. The Diamond plan starts at $249 per month, while the Elite plan starts at $399 per month. We have provided the current Helium 10 discount here to help you save up to 50% on Helium 10 plans.

2. Sellicls


If you want to learn how to sell on Amazon, Sellics is the perfect place to start because it is one of the most popular advertising platforms on the internet. It enables you to automate campaign management based on rules you provide, or you may let AI decide. There are numerous options available, including target ACoS settings, smart ad scheduling, bid management automation, and comprehensive keyword research.

The patented AI system developed by Sellics can instantly evaluate sales, peak keyword clusters, and manage your campaigns depending on a variety of metrics. Sellics allows you to spy on your competitors and compare the performance of your campaigns to those of your competitors. It also provides you with access to other tools such as SEO optimization and review management tools.

Sellics has two pricing choices. The Advertising Advisor plan costs $349 per month, or $259 per year, while the Managed Services package costs $1599 per month, or $1249 per year.

3. Zon.Tools


Zon. tools is one of the top Amazon PPC management software since it helps managing your Amazon PPC campaigns easier. You use expert Amazon sellers’ proven tactics to automate your product promotions. As a result, this programme is regarded as the most advanced Amazon PPC automation solution on the market.

This is another amazon ppc softwares. You receive training resources to learn how to set up this tool, as well as an overview of the tool. However, this is not the best approach for one-click automated PPC campaigns because PPC campaigns take a long time to show a significant increase in ACOS. Amazon advertising is continuously changing, and Zon.Tools keeps up with it to keep their users up to speed.

Zon.Tools provides three pricing levels. The cost of these options is determined by your monthly Amazon advertising budget. If your budget is $0, the Analyzer plan costs $9 per month, the Masterer plan costs $19 per month, and the Dominator plan costs $25 per month. They also provide a $1 30-day trial for all of their plans.

4. teikametrics


Teikametrics is the ideal solution if you want a simple and dedicated Amazon PPC programme. Many Amazon seller software providers aim to provide merchants with an all-in-one solution, but Teikametrics concentrates solely on Amazon advertising. It can manage your keywords, create campaigns, and automate bid management, among other things. You can even delegate optimization decisions to the tool’s AI.

Teikametrics can automatically develop a full sponsored product campaign for you. The campaign will be determined by the life cycle of your product and the objectives you select. Teikametrics can assist you if you are still unfamiliar with PPC. Its algorithm determines which bid delivers the best price and performance based on your objectives.


Teikametrics offers only one pricing option. The AI-Powered plan charges 3% of your monthly Amazon ad spend. This will only apply if your monthly ad expenditure budget exceeds $10,000. You must also pay $.30 per tracked search phrase for market intelligence.

5. Kinetic PPC By Viral Launch

Kinetic PPC By Viral Launch

Viral Launch’s Kinetic PPC tool is also one of the top Amazon PPC tools. It claims to be the only solution you’ll ever need to manage your Amazon promotions. It enables you to control your results through customisable rules that can maximise your return on ad expenditure. These customizable automation rules are simple to design. This is another amazon ppc softwares. Also check grant management software

It provides you with additional data such as campaign analysis, reports on quick positive impact, and PPC vs organic sales statistics. You can also schedule free one-on-one setup conversations with Viral Launch’s professionals. It also grants you access to tools such as keyword monitoring, campaign management, change tracking, automation creation, and so on.


To gain access to the Kinetic PPC tool, you must purchase Viral Launch’s Pro plus Ads package, which costs $199 per month or $166 per month if paid annually. All of their programmes also come with a 14-day free trial. With our Viral Launch promo codes, you can save up to 30% on Viral Launch plans.

6. Ignite by SellerLabs’

Ignite by SellerLabs'

SellerLabs provides a comprehensive set of tools to assist you with your Amazon business. It offers a specific PPC management tool called Ignite. It can assist you in lowering your ACoS percentages and increasing your earnings. It recommends keywords and sensible bids for your Amazon ads.

This is another amazon ppc softwares. It features a function that creates automated campaigns based on your target, budget, and goals. Based on these parameters, it will generate various campaigns. Their AI technology will assess all of your campaigns. If you don’t want the AI to micromanage your every move, you can use the intelligent suggestion tool and base your decisions on it.

SellerLabs pricing is determined by your annual Amazon sales. The prices range from $49/month or $39/month yearly to $999/month or $799/month annually. You can also test out this product for free for 30 days.

7. SellerApp


SellerApp is an Amazon PPC management software that also includes tools for listing improvement, product research, and more. It automates your Amazon campaigns by utilising machine learning techniques. It assists you in meeting your ACoS targets based on campaign data.

It has a number of useful functions, including Amazon seller analytics, product listings, Amazon competitor lookup, product research, keyword research, product alerts, PPC analyzer, and product listing quality. It also warns you about bad keywords that reduce the profitability of your ads. It has a very simple dashboard that makes it ideal for novices.

SellerApp offers two pricing choices. The Pro-Lite package costs $49 per month or $39 per year, while the Professional plan costs $99 per month or $79 per year.

8. Pepetua


Perpetua is another excellent PPC tool to consider. It is a multichannel eCommerce platform, which means it may assist you in managing not only Amazon advertising campaigns, but also campaigns from other marketplaces such as Walmart, Target, and others. This is the only platform you’ll need to take your business to the next level.

It also saves you time with automated campaign creation, optimization, and execution. All you have to do is join your campaign’s objectives, such as profitability, growth, awareness, and brand defence, and Perpetua’s ad engine will handle the rest. It includes functions such as marketplace advertising optimization, video advertising, display advertising, and market intelligence reporting. This is another amazon ppc softwares.


Perpetua offers three different plans. The starting subscription costs $250 per month and provides access to the single marketplace. The expansion plan costs $550 per month and provides access to two marketplaces. The pro plan is $550/month + a percentage of ad expenditure and includes access to infinite marketplaces.

Conclusion:  The Most Effective Amazon PPC Software (2022)

So there you have it, my favorite of the finest Amazon PPC software. The only question now is which one to select.

I choose Adtomic by Helium 10 because of its extensive features and capabilities. Viral Launch’s Kinetic PPC tool is also an excellent choice for newbies. But it all burns down to your needs. The nicest thing about these tools is that they all come with free trials. You can test these tools and make your own decision. Also check tutoring software

With this list of the best Amazon PPC software, I hope you can choose the best PPC management tool for your company. Please share your thoughts on these PPC softwares in the comments area.

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