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Top 15 Best AirShield Alternatives In 2022


A free programme called AirShield for Windows and Mac will shield your computer against malware assaults and even prevent infected files from ever getting to your system. It is an operational security programme. By doing a thorough analysis on each new item you download or software you install, it will actively check your computer for dangerous files and programmes. It will alert you and provide a solution for cleaning it up.

A cybersecurity firm called AirShield offers consumers a unified solution for shielding all of their devices and data from harmful threats. Every packet of data sent or received from its customers’ devices is examined by its patent-pending technology, which also warns users of possible cybersecurity risks. You are shielded from DDoS assaults, cyberattacks, and information breaches.

Top 15 Best AirShield Alternatives In 2022

In this article, you can know about airshield alternatives here are the details below;

1. Nozomi Networks Vantage

Nozomi Networks Vantage

Vantage from Nozomi Networks is a straightforward and user-friendly cybersecurity solution. Security teams may make better use of the security data at their disposal by combining OT, IoT, and ICS event information into one comprehensive event stream. Security teams can track down problems and respond to events more quickly as OT and IoT devices create more and more data. It is constructed entirely to satisfy the requirements of the contemporary Industrial ICS security environment. This is another AirShield alternative.

A single application may be used by businesses to simply manage OT, IoT, and ICS security initiatives thanks to its universal platform. It is the cornerstone of every enterprise security programme and has the capacity to handle life-cycle security on both OT and IT assets. It fights against sophisticated threats, zero-day assaults, insider threats, and malware and offers unique information into the security state of IoT, OT, and IT infrastructures that are frequently disregarded by standard cybersecurity solutions.

2. Sectrio


This is another AirShield alternative. A modern cybersecurity solution is Sectrio. It is an intelligent threat detection system that uses user, device, and environmental data to triangulate any cybersecurity threat. It is designed on top of the 5G cybersecurity architecture. specifically created to be able to capture any Internet-connected IoT device as well as any other device connected via OT or IT systems. Additionally, it uses a proprietary database with 100 million corporate records, 1.5 trillion endpoint logs, and over 6 billion IoT connections.

The behaviour of devices and people within the network is observed by Sectrio’s machine learning engine in order to identify possible dangers including insider threats, data breaches, and other cyber-attacks. It works with the most demanding businesses in the world to safeguard crucial assets. It keeps up with the changing cyber threat scene because to its cross-domain management platform and threat intelligence capabilities. Also check construction estimating software

3. CENTRI Protected Sessions

CENTRI Protected Sessions

A cloud-based service called CENTRI Protected Sessions is available to businesses searching for a better method to safeguard their online image and brand. It offers a security feature that enables you to use a connection from its secure cloud network to encrypt your internet sessions. This technique aids in defending against a variety of cyberattacks, including as man-in-the-middle assaults and password and session cookie sniffing. But CENTRI Sessions is more than just encryption; it also integrates a complete cybersecurity solution by integrating with your current security software and monitoring.

For secure communications between IoT and OT devices, cloud services, and people, it has developed patented technologies for cloud-based IoT, OT, IT, and 5G cybersecurity solutions. In industries including transportation, manufacturing, and utilities, it has safeguarded over 900 million IoT-OT-IT-5G endpoints while maintaining data security in OT settings. It is equipped to provide and secure cloud, IoT, OT, and IT applications. This is another AirShield alternative.

4. Capgemini Network Security and Segmentation Service

Capgemini Network Security

The Capgemini Company offers Capgemini Network Security and Segmentation Service as a cybersecurity solution. By segmenting the network into discrete parts, it is intended to assist businesses comply with security regulations in each of their many departments and stop the spread of a cyberattack. Businesses can use this service to safeguard their customers and other staff members against online dangers. In terms of outsourcing, technology, and consulting, it leads the world. Its new service is especially created to meet the changing requirements of the security sector.

By fusing its industry knowledge with cutting-edge technology and automation, it addresses the growing threat of data breaches and more complicated network settings. Customers have the option to minimise threats to their end users and data while maximising security performance thanks to the company’s new service. It provides a means of restricting access and minimising the area that must be secured, making the task of safeguarding your network more manageable.

5. Cyamast


A cybersecurity tool called CyAmast provides you with the insights and visibility you need to safeguard your organization’s desktop, mobile, tablet, and IoT-connected devices. IoT security is handled in four steps: identify, prioritise, protect, and detect. The team’s collective experience in developing IoT solutions and protecting IoT networks exceeds ten years. Employing the P2P connection from the devices, it can recognise and defend against botnet assaults using IoT devices.

This is another AirShield alternative. It provides a straightforward, safe, and reasonably priced method for leveraging IoT sensors and analytics to secure and monitor networks. To provide security analytics and knowledge about network activity, it makes use of data gathered by IoT devices like cameras and routers. It is the first business to use the GPUs’ visual analytic processing capability to concentrate on the Intelligent Video Analytics and Deep Learning challenge, which may help address network issues that human analysts frequently miss.

6. Armis

Armis Platform

With hundreds of systems and devices being managed globally, Armis Platform is the top platform for OT, IoT, and IT asset management in cybersecurity. Every IT security team in mission-critical industries including energy, financial services, healthcare, and government must have access to its flagship product Endpoint Security. It gives businesses the ability to monitor, secure, and govern their connected environment by providing a highly accurate inventory of devices and their cyber risk score.

These teams, which are in charge of protecting OT assets and dealing with the rising danger of cyberattacks on business and industrial systems, are given more authority by Armis Platform. Any industrial equipment or set of devices linked to an IP network or the Internet may be inspected and managed in real-time thanks to the company’s unique technology. It integrates into current security systems, such as SIEMs, and offers visibility and orchestration across OT, IT, and cybersecurity devices.

7. Bayshore Networks

Bayshore Networks

Bayshore Networks is a pioneer in industrial automation and cybersecurity. It allows manufacturers to include cybersecurity defence into every aspect of their manufacturing environment. Its architecture enables new manufacturing techniques including additive manufacturing (3D printing) and autonomous systems and handles a number of security issues, including network security, operational technology security, and safety. By offering a single set of best practises for all of their production systems, the framework lowers the entrance barrier for industrial producers that are concerned about cyberattacks. This is another AirShield alternative.

Its cutting-edge solutions are made to safeguard our clients’ assets and information that are crucial to their businesses across a variety of sectors. It aids companies that require an effective cybersecurity programme and has access to worldwide resources. Utilizing this facilitates clients’ journeys toward digital transformation and helps to establish a safer environment for their Industrial Internet systems. It is perfect for any corporation that wants to give its clients protection and peace of mind while lowering the chance of fraud.

8. Mediate


The Medigate platform is the only approach to IoT device visibility that is both scalable and fully secure. For businesses that wish to protect the IoT devices used in their workplace but lack the funding to implement an expensive and sophisticated enterprise solution, it offers the ideal option. It may be used in any industry and at any security level, including the automotive, residential, commercial, healthcare, and industrial sectors.

It enables connections between several IoT devices and the cloud that are security-sensitive. End-to-end encryption protects it and offers very private data paths between patients, vehicles, or devices. It is a platform for managing IoT devices. It goes beyond network security, in my opinion. It is a fully integrated IoT device management platform that gives businesses access to connected devices and the ability to manage them for network and data security. Also check tutoring software

9. Claroty Platform

Claroty Platform

A cybersecurity business called The Claroty Platform has created the first device-independent, event-driven platform for industrial cybersecurity in history. Any operating environment that has a networked device can use it. It is activated in the event of a cyberattack and reduces the danger and effects of that attack. Industrial automation specialists can monitor, identify, and respond to problems in real-time thanks to the company’s automated security operations centre.

This is another AirShield alternative. You may have all of your industrial cybersecurity needs met here. You may access all of your industrial cybersecurity requirements, such as routine, secure upgrades to your control systems, using this platform. You may use the most cutting-edge technologies available to monitor and safeguard your control systems thanks to it. To stay safe against the most recent dangers, you may always delete or upgrade components. It aids businesses in recognising, detecting, and responding to contemporary cyberattacks.

10.Cisco Cyber Vision

Cisco Cyber Vision

Organizations may benefit from both open source and for-profit security products on one platform with Cisco Cyber Vision. The hazard presented by unmanaged third-party apps and insecure internal bespoke applications is only adequately addressed by this solution. All of your attack surfaces, including active and historical data, will be fully visible to you. The solution includes a dashboard that is extremely customizable and a large library of reports that span your whole IT infrastructure.

You won’t ever need to go elsewhere for details about your past or present security posture. Both free source and paid security tools are used in it. It aids IT workers in lowering the threat of a breach. It provides a comprehensive solution, enabling developers to create and scale the deployment of high-performance, secure IoT devices. It gives enterprises the insight and control they require to remain ahead of cyberthreats.

11.Azero Sphere

Azero Sphere

Azure Sphere is a fantastic illustration of how Microsoft combines creativity and technology to address genuine consumer requirements. It is a brand-new, specially designed Qualcomm CPU and security subsystem that is geared for running a tested, hardened version of Windows 10. It is a brand-new iteration of Microsoft silicon certification for silicon suppliers that offers the resources required to create systems that can easily interact with Azure Sphere. It is built for connection and has a long battery life, bringing the power of Windows to embedded and Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

It is a sophisticated security tool programme that aids in preserving the integrity, safety, and privacy of your data. This is how we envision the Internet of Things in the future (IoT). It is an integrated hardware and software solution that connects to the Microsoft Azure cloud and is developed on an open platform. It provides unheard-of security measures due to the fact that every component is made to function as one cohesive system that is simple to deploy and maintain. This is another AirShield alternative.

12. EyeInspect


Using the browser-based eyeInspect tool, you may view the live video feed of any device connected to your OT network for a reasonable price. You have access to all displays, laptops, computers, TTYs, and other devices. Additionally, it offers details on each device’s system state and event history, such as low battery alarms. It makes ensuring your gadgets are compliant with the ADA or for any other circumstance where you require insight into your devices.

It is software that allows you to see every device connected to your OT network. You may look up the people on the network, their identities, and their activities. It is simple to identify the security threats even when the OT network is made up of thousands of linked devices. You may collaborate with peers and industry professionals in this online community to get practical knowledge and advice that will help you mould your future as a cybersecurity leader. Also check work order software

13. Tempered


This is another AirShield alternative. A cybersecurity product called Tempered can assist you in safeguarding your data. It delivers security and compliance, carrying on a long history of outstanding performance in the industry. It represents a novel approach to providing security, compliance, and the sophisticated features required by enterprises to manage their operations. It is a cybersecurity tool that aides in preventing data loss, unintentional disclosure to the public, and malicious internal user disclosure.

With this solution, you may provide someone access to sensitive data for a certain period of time, a particular reason, or as a particular kind of user. Additionally, it tells you if the persons whose access you enable have really accessed the data. Consequently, you can be sure that private data is not getting into the wrong hands. It works regardless of where the data is stored—in GitHub, Amazon S3, Dropbox, Google Drive, or on servers you operate yourself—and is the simplest method to inventory the exposure of your data.

14. Dragos

Dragos Platform

The Dragos Platform is an open source system that combines real-time agents and collectors with drag-and-drop visualisation and analysis to quickly construct a “Security Graph” of your environment. It gives developers of new cybersecurity services a scalable, secure solution that enables quicker delivery and integration with other systems. It is constructed using contemporary technology, giving it the ability to scale and adapt to changing requirements and needs.

Through the use of images, animations, and textual explanations, the site’s goal is to help visitors comprehend the product and how it operates. It examines, monitors, and visualises the behaviour of your infrastructure in real-time and notifies you of any anomalies. It consists of a comprehensive set of open source software agents that operate on your servers and network devices and feed data to one or more collectors. The collectors then provide visualisation and data analysis, providing you the insights you need to spot issues before they develop into incidents.

15. Cortex Xpanse

Cortex Xpanse

For contemporary business contexts, Cortex Xpanse is a platform for managing the world’s attack surfaces. It was specifically designed to guarantee that all applications are appropriately protected from the start. It is a framework for managing the whole attack surface in contemporary business settings. It was specifically created to guarantee that every application is appropriately protected from the start. It recognises and prioritises the attack surface, determines and protects holes in CIS standards, reduces automated risk, and offers ongoing monitoring of the attack surface over time. This is another AirShield alternative.

It continually keeps track of application modifications and how they affect the security posture. Based on the commercial value of the application or service targeted for attack, risks are prioritised using continual monitoring and threat information. A wide range of defences, including network segmentation and micro-segmentation, vulnerability mitigation, and threat intelligence, are orchestrated and automated by this platform for managing the world’s attack surfaces. It is built on an agile security automation engine.

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