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7 Apps That Give You Free Money for Signing Up

Making money online in your spare time has always been an attractive option – however, these days, the number of people looking into it has grown tremendously. That’s hardly a surprise: due to massive inflation, the costs of living are skyrocketing, and multiple governments have already warned their citizens about the risk of an impending recession. In this context, finding multiple sources of income is more important than ever.

Luckily, the variety of money-making apps and websites of all types has grown tremendously in recent years – and in addition to the ability to pad your wallet with some extra cash, a lot of them also offer a sign-up bonus. Let’s see where you can get free money for something as simple as signing up!

One Poll

If you like answering various surveys and questionnaires but get bored only expressing your opinion on various products and services, One Poll is a great option for you. On this site, you will also get asked all types of questions related to politics – and the $5 bonus you receive by signing up won’t hurt, either! Additionally, you will know your answers can certainly make a difference – and not just in the field of production.


Launched in 2019, Honeygain is an internet-sharing app that allows you to generate passive income by sharing a portion of your excess internet bandwidth with a crowdsourced web intelligence platform. For the network, it’s a priceless opportunity to complete brand protection campaigns, collect SEO data, and so on – but for you, it’s as effortless as leaving the app to run in the background of your computer or smartphone. If you sign up using a coupon code, you will get $5 instantly! Use GET5 to grab your free bonus today and start earning effortlessly on your computer or smartphone.


Swagbucks is an online platform that allows you to earn money by completing surveys, watching videos, and doing other simple tasks. You can even score some rewards by using the Swagbucks search engine to browse the internet as you normally would! Once you sign up, you receive a $5 bonus – which is a great start for anyone looking to make money passively. You can redeem your rewards in gift cards or PayPal money.


InboxDollars is a rather popular website that works similarly to Swagbucks: you can make money by playing games, watching ads, completing surveys, and so on. Creating an account will instantly make you $5, and once you collect $15 or more, you can cash out via using PayPal, Visa, or opt for gift cards. There’s also a British version called InboxPounds – and the sign-up bonus is only £1, so make sure you’re on the right one!

Vindale Research

This site only gives you a free $1 upon sign-up – however, it’s completely free money! It’s also not where the opportunities to earn end. Just like the name of the website suggests, once you create an account, you can get paid for completing surveys for market research – and sometimes even product testing gigs. It’s hard to call that a job, right? And yet, you can make up to $50 at once if you get lucky!

Branded Surveys

Similar to Vindale Research, Branded Surveys allow you to earn by completing surveys – the only difference is that the pay is typically lower. You can make up to $3 per survey, and the sign-up bonus is $1. However, the platform has a pretty low payout threshold of just $10, so you can feel the earnings drop into your pocket rather quickly! You can opt for either PayPal, direct deposit, or various gift cards.

Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards is a cash back application that gives you a $5 bonus once you sign up using the code FETCH and snap your first receipt. While it’s not technically a money-making app, it allows you to get a portion of what you’ve spent in the shops back, padding your wallet with extra money. 15 million users are already taking advantage of the effortless way to grab some extra cash in a near-effortless way – why don’t you?

So if you’re looking for ways to make some extra money in your spare time, sign up for one of these seven apps – and enjoy the added bonus of a free chunk of cash just for joining! With a little effort, you could easily be on your way to earning a few hundred dollars extra each month. And who knows? Maybe you can turn this into a full-time gig.

Have you tried any of these methods? How did it go? Let us know in the comments below!

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