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5 Best Essay Writing Apps For Students And Academics

First off, you shouldn’t feel guilty that you want to use a writing app. Well, if you insist you want to feel guilty, then you should feel guilty for using Google and all its products such as maps, Gmail, Google docs and mail. You should send your mail through the post, go to the library for research and buy those huge paper maps.

We are in the 4th industrial revolution. Technology has become infused into everything pertaining to our way of life. So, there is an app for everything. Your diet, fitness, knowledge acquisition, all have apps you can use for them. So, at this point you could either get with the program and use apps to boost your abilities or fade out.

So, you get the drift now? These writing apps are not a way of cheating but only make what would have been a difficult task easier. Think of them as food. They will make you stronger and better. So, if you want to make your writing better and more superior than the next person’s. Read to learn the 5 apps that make your writing better. But if you want to remain average, well you shouldn’t be here then.

5 Best Essay Writing Apps For Students And Academics

Have you ever wondered why professional essay writers are a level above every other person? It is because these guys have numerous apps that help them optimize their writing. They have apps that help them eliminate the errors from their writing. This allows them to provide the best student and academic writing for those that need it.

So, that best essay writing service you are admiring, you can reach their levels too with these apps.

Pro Writing Aid.

Depending on who you ask, Pro Writing Aid could be the best writing app for student and academic writing. However, it is not limited to those two. It can also be crucial for you. If you want to write a copywriting or blog article.

To make your writing better, this app goes after every error you make in your writing without prejudice. It helps with your grammar and ensure you use punctuations correctly. Not only does it corrects, it provides insights on why your sentence is wrong. Also, it provides you with your readability score which helps you adjust your style to fit a wider audience.

You can begin a free trial to experience the full premium version for 14 days where after you have to pay $79 per year or $20 monthly. However, you don’t need to pay for the premium version before you can enjoy some amazing features on Pro Writing Aid. That said, the premium version is another world of awesome entirely.



You will particularly love Hemingway for how it let’s you know how relatable your writing is. Hemingway will provide you with a readability score and give you insights on how to make your work more readable. This writing app uses colors to help you highlight complex and too hard to read sentences. It is one of the best proofreading app you can use to improve your writing.

Apart from picking up on your complex sentences, it will also help your correct your passive voice, use of adverbs and punctuation. Essentially, your writing will become able to get your reader’s attention.

Hemingway is mostly free but if you are using your web version. However, if you want to get the desktops version, that’ll be $20.


Grammarly costs $11.66 monthly if you are on an annual plan or Grammarly Premium or $12.50. Like the name its name, Grammarly corrects your grammar and as such helps your correct punctuation, spelling errors, and style issues. You can even choose the audience you want to write for and Grammarly will suggest the words that fit that audience.

Also, it helps reduce your sentence length and redundancy. You don’t even need to do much to correct these errors and only click on the Grammarly suggestions. However, you need to be careful of following the Grammarly as it doesn’t sometimes consider the context.

You can use it on your Microsoft or use the web app. Anyway you choose to use it, it has a pretty great interface and is easy to use. Although, you have to pay upfront to use the premium version. If you don’t want to use the premium version yet, the free one will suffice too.


The Evernote is a cross platform writing app which is much has a pricing which is lower compared to most writing apps. It has a $69.99 premium tier pricing a cheaper $34.99 plus tier and a free version too. Evernote is great if you are trying to keep track of your ideas for your writing. You can save notes, articles, and writing plan which will make your essay more academic and professional.


FreeMind is like the Evernote. It is a great tool for aggregating research and it does this through organized diagrams which helps you to be orderly. When you finally start writing, you have a structure to follow.

You will able to use color coding to gauge your success and note other tasks you are into at the time. This app allows you to encrypt your work and keep it safe from prying eyes.

The best part about this app is that is entirely free.


As we have said, writing with apps will make you a superior writer than your peers. Right now, you are the one holding yourself back. Cut free from your shackles and explore your own greatness

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